How to Pick a Floor Rug

Throw rugs, along with area rugs, run the gamut from cheap nylon ovals to nearly room sized Persian rugs costing thousands of dollars. Which is right for you depends, of course, on your budget and the particular space you want to cover.  Read on for some tips on how to pick a floor rug for your home which is suitable for the room and matches you home decor.

Flat weave throw rugs are often used in Japanese homes where they provide both a practical function and considerable elegance. Their sturdy construction makes them durable; where they keep high-traffic, areas protected from wear. Their highly colorful and individual designs add the perfect aesthetic touch.

Nevertheless, even the humble ‘throw away’ throw rug can perform a useful service, and still look respectable in the process. Machine-made from inexpensive materials, they can rest in a foyer where they keep winter snows and spring mud from migrating to the living room carpet. After six months, they can be replaced at low cost and give the area a new look. There is no need to exert a lot of effort to care for them since they are easily washed or cheap enough to just discard.

Area rugs made of durable Olefin can be the perfect addition to a tiled sun room. Resting in a section of the house that leads to the patio, they will see plenty of traffic. However, thanks to the sturdy synthetic surface they will last for years. A multi-colored geometric design can liven up the room and blend in well with a soft umber-colored ceramic tile.

The kitchen is an obvious candidate for a couple of good throw rugs, as well. Obviously, you will want to select something that resists food stains unless you plan to replace the rugs often. Many can be put into the washer and then hung to dry. For that to work, latex and rubber backings should be avoided. Also, if the kitchen floor is covered with vinyl, keep in mind that certain latex or rubber backings can stain the floor yellow. Those made with jute or a cloth backing will not create that problem. If you place underneath it a layer of material to keep the throw rug from sliding, make sure it too is not made from latex.

Bathrooms are frequently covered with throw rugs, often of varying types. Stepping out of the shower onto bare floor leads to cold feet and leaves a mess to clean up. If the flooring is wood, the water can introduce bigger problems. Mold and mildew are major potential attackers of wood floors. Keeping even well coated wooden floors dry is one key to their long life. A quality hooked rug can provide an individual design and work perfectly in front of the bathroom sink. It receives only minimal water, so it will hold up well. Backed with a non-slip material, they can be both durable and beautiful.

Choose a material and construction method that is appropriate for the application you have in mind. With a little investigation, you can find the perfect throw or area rug that will protect your flooring and add beauty to your room.