How to Use Decorative Wall Mirrors in Your Home

So many folks love to use decorative wall mirrors to accessorize their home. The biggest problem folks have with decorating with mirrors is how many, what size, and which style should they use. The answers to how to decide these three things will all depend on the rooms decor and color theme, as well as its size. Different mirrors look good under different circumstances, so it is best to look at all there is out there and decide what you like. Out of the designs you love you will then have to choose which one will work with your theme.

How Many Mirrors To Use In Accessorizing Your Room

The answer truly lies in the amount of space you have and the layout of the room you are decorating. Large rooms with plenty of varying wall space offer a great many options when it comes to the number of mirrors you can use to accessorize. You will want to choose just enough to make the room look fabulous, without going over board. Many large rooms can hold as many as five mirrors if they are placed correctly about. Smaller rooms tend to be able to only hold two to three decorative wall mirrors maximum. Over stocking a single small room with too many mirror can kill the look you are trying achieve. So things to take into account when choosing the right number of mirrors for a particular room are:

  • Room size
  • Room Shape
  • Room Layout
  • What other Accessories are present
  • What Size Mirror To Choose

The size of the mirrors you choose will all depend on where you plan to put them and the type of wall space that is available to you. If you have large spaces of wall available in many areas, you have a great many options in size to choose from. You can easily look at large full-length mirror that are decorative yet tall. These can add quite a bit of pizazz to any room’s decor as well as make a room look larger and better lit, depending on where the mirror is situated. Horizontally long mirrors are perfect for over mantle pieces as well as above or between shelving. They can add accent to the pieces they work with as well as stand out on their own. Smaller mirrors are great for small rooms as well as creating decorative collages on larger walls. The things to look for when choosing the right size mirrors for you are:

  • Wall size
  • Wall design
  • Decor Pattern
  • Lighting
  • Effect on room size
  • What Style of Decorative Glass Mirror to Choose

The style of mirror you choose to get will all depend on the rooms decor theme, as well as your color choices. Color seems to be where folks get the most confused when choosing the right mirrors for their room. You will first have to decide if you plan to match your mirror’s frame with the colors that are in the room or go with a base color such as white, black, natural wood, gold, or silver. Matching the frames of the mirrors you choose with the color scheme in your home can have its pros and cons. The pros to this are that all of your mirrors will be unique for that specific room as well as match perfectly. The cons to this idea is that if you ever change the room’s color scheme you will not have any mirrors to match your home’s new décor. Choosing basic colors for mirror frames can be the easiest and most practical way to use mirrors as accessories. You will be able to choose a base color or go with a natural wood design that will go with any color scheme you have now or in the future. This will get you the most for your money when using mirrors as decorating accessories.

You will also want to consider the mirror’s design. Some frames are more decorative and fancy that others. You will want to consider whether you want a simple or more elegant design. This will depend on the rest of the room’s decor. If you are going with a more lay back, modern, or country theme to your room, the more simple and basic designs tend to accent the best. For those rooms that are made to spread their elegance, a more decorative wall mirror may look better to tie the room’s decor together well.