How to Use Designer Fabric for Home Decor

When it comes to home decorating and fashion, there are many things that you can do to make a bold statement in your home. With decorative moldings and choices of color schemes, to furniture and motif, the list is endless. What many folks do not realize, however, is that designer fabric can go a long way in the upgrades to the look of your home through home fashion and design.

Most folks choose fabrics all the time and never give it second thought. From couches and chairs, to mattresses and carpeting, fabrics are the everyday skins that you see in every home and dictate how subtle or how wild a home will be. There are actually a great number of things that can be done with the designer fabric that you find in the stores. There are thousands of fabric stores in just about every city in North America, and this makes it very easy for you to find something that will work for you in your home.


Oftentimes, folks will look for fabrics to make drapes. While this is a great idea to make your own drapes to accent the home you live in, there are so many other useful means to this wonderful design tool. Sometimes by simply draping a larger piece of fabric over a couch or chair, you will change the look of a room with one fell swoop. If you have a soft pastel colored chair, for example, and you drape a six foot piece of dark fabric patterned over the side of the chair, you can easily change its appearance. This is a great way for you to do something different when it comes to home decor, many times even some of the best designers and decorators will use this method to either hide something un-appealing or to enhance something that is bland and change the dynamics of the entire room.


Pillows always play a very large role in a home. Some are large throw pillows and some are smaller and meant to be on a sofa or bed. Whatever their purpose, pillows can be a very simple way to dress things up in a home. Should you not like the pattern that is on a particular pillow, simply change it. This can be done a few ways, you can get the designer fabric and do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. Either way, you can go from drab to delightful in a very short period of time and for next to nothing in cost. This can be done for all the pillows in your home, besides you regular sleeping pillows of course where they would use pillowcases.

Chairs And Sofas

The very same can be said for sofas and armchairs, as we have spoken about with pillows. If you happen to like the sofa or chair, yet you just feel the pattern or color is not what you have been looking for, you can easily have it changed. This is a great way for you to redo or re-introduce a piece of furniture in your home by way of new fabric on either sofa or arm chair. This is a great way for you to change the look of a room without all of the fuss of buying new furniture or having a home decorator come in and redo everything for you.

Canopy Bed Twists

If you happen to have a canopy bed, this is a great item to spruce up with the use of fabrics. You can easily change the look of a canopy bed or even the entire room, simply by placing some well thought out draping of fabrics to the bedposts or canopy rails. This can easily give you the look of the Roman or Greek setting and is always a charming introduction to any master bedroom. You will want to find a lavish fabric for this project, the better quality the designer fabric, the more enticing the appearance of the canopy bed and surroundings of the room. This is a sure fire winner when it comes to home decorating and will appraisal by all that get the chance to see it.