Ingenious Ways to Transform a Spare Closet

It is always a challenge to decide what you want to do with that spare closet. There are so many possibilities to choose from. Converting your closet will all depend on how big it is and what you need the space for. If your spare closet is large enough, it will be quite easy and fun to convert it into something more useful.  A few more choices are popular when it comes to closet conversion. In most cases, folks do not want to use such a space for an extra bedroom. Most times just adding in the necessary furniture will take up any possible space.

Turn the Closet into a Children’s Fun Area

A very common and useful choice is a small playroom. Here you can easily add the children’s toys that do not fit neatly into their bedrooms. This will offer an extra play area together with a bit more free space. You can easily hang up shelving and get storage bins with draws and wheels for organization.

Most closets have their own lighting so you will not need to worry about lamps. You may want to get some type of a light fixture to make the room look more like a children’s playroom than an old closet. You can even get creative and allow the children to help paint their new room. Once you put two base coats of a desired color onto the walls, you can allow the children to paint and personalize the room once it has dried. You may also decide the easier route of painting and adding a border or wallpaper. A playroom can be a great closet conversion that has a super purpose.

Make an Office in a Closet

Another great idea for closet conversions is the small home office or computer room. You simply choose a decor style and begin to have fun. Great office colors tend to lighter shades for walls. This will also let you contrast with patterns and bolder colors easier if you decide to use a border or hang up any wall art. If you decide to go with a home office conversion for your closet you will need to make sure, there are electrical outlets in the room. This may require hiring an electrician to come in and install the necessary wiring. You will then be able to get a desk and possibly a filing cabinet that can double as a table. The furniture shopping is the fun and easy part and will be what makes this conversion fun.

Converting a Closet into a Home Gym

For those looking for a small amount of personal space to get some relaxation, a closet conversion into a home gym, meditation, and/or yoga room is also a great idea. You can paint the walls in pastels to promote peace and tranquility for meditation and even for serious workouts. This closet conversion is a great way to make use of space and can allow you to have a few precious moments alone to revitalize. Weights, benches, nautilus equipment, and yoga/meditation mats can easily help convert wasted space into a dynamic personal area. You can easily buy a battery operated stereo to be able to listen to music if you prefer to not have to invest in an electrician.

Convert an Existing Closet into a Pantry

A great way to take a closet that is just too small to utilize as a room into something else, is to turn it into a pantry. All you will need to do is to elect whether or not you want to keep the carpeting that is very common in closets today. If you would rather have a floor that is much more cleaning friendly then linoleum is the way to go. You will also want to build some shelving that will allow you plenty of space for storing all your goodies. Once the layout is completed, a quick coat of paint will be all that you need. Now you will be able to easily store all your canned goods and other none refrigerated food items to make space in your cupboards. A pantry is a great way to make use of surplus closet space.