Rustic Home Decor Ideas

If you like the look of rustic home decor such as log cabin furniture and hand knotted rugs, then you might just be a rustic chic that needs a little guidance on how to decorate your home with this ole time contemporary style. It used to be that rustic home decorations and furnishings were considered cheap, and that anybody who accessorized their house dumpster dived to get it. That is no longer the case since rustic home decorating is now considered sleek and in, as far as home decor goes. Top stars in the Hollywood industry love to decorate with rustic furniture, and if it is your style, you will be in good company.

If you love rustic then for furniture you will like lots of wood. Wood that is polished, but very knobby in texture make up part of the appeal of rustic furnishings, but that does not mean cheap though. Furniture of the rustic style can run into the hundreds of dollars. Online, in a furniture antique shop, or in a furniture store, they can be bought for a reasonable amount. Of course, if you want reproductions, they are a lot cheaper. Rustic furniture can be made from any type of wood that you want, but most folks prefer woods such as pine or cedar.

Types of Rustic Furniture

Furniture crafted in the rustic style can include chairs, dining or bedside tables, or lawn furniture. The popular Adirondack style of the 1950s is made a lot with the style of rustic charm, knobs and all. When you decorate with any rustic furniture inside or outside of your home do not over do its use. This is because it is a larger style of furniture that can minimize any other type of decorating ideas that you have used such as color schemes, picture frames, and decorative lighting accents, can all be affected if you overuse rustic furniture. It just overpowers the total presence of your home decor. You can minimize the use of furniture by using only chairs with a dining room table that complements the entire dining room itself. A smooth planed table with straight legs looks great with rustic chairs.

Decoratiing in Rustic Style

The next step in achieving an authentic rustic home decor style is to consider  decorating you walls with cement or plaster that you can buy at your local hardware or home improvement store. A rough texture complements that knobby furniture and it gives a depth and warmth to the room with a neutral color applied over it. There are plenty of do it yourself home manuals and books that you can read to learn how to plaster or cement your walls in this style. It will save you dollars because you will not have to hire a contractor, and you will be able to use this technique in other rooms of your house for the rustic look that you desire. As with the furniture, make sure you do not over do the texturing in any room.

Material use is a very important part of the rustic look, not only from the design aspect, but for comfort too. Rustic furniture can be a little knobby to sit on, so you will need to bring out sturdy but eye appealing cushions and pillows to sit on and lean against. You can use any type of design motif or colors for fabrics, but the ever-popular western home decor style of Indian art or cowboy bandannas is trendy today. Another great fact about using the rustic theme in materials is that it will tie the total theme together visually as you move from one room to the next. Colors such as orange, gold, red, brown and black make the theme pop! Do not forget to use mirrors throughout the house, and at strategic locations. Bathrooms with a small vanity mirror or bedrooms with one large Chester drawer rustic mirror above it looks smashing.

Remember to stay understated with the use of the rustic home decor style. The right combination of furniture, fabric, walls, materials and mirrors will complement together for a perfect rustic chic look in your home.