Sofa and Couch – What is the Difference

Frequently, folks will ask a furniture store if there is a difference between a sofa and couch and the answer that you get can often vary. However, the truth of the matter is that there really is not much difference between the two.

One of the most distinguishable differences between sofas and couches is that many times the sofa will have a pull out bed, while a couch will not. While a sofa and couch may in all practical purposes be one in the same, the small differences could easily be a determining factor when it comes to cost of the piece.

The term couch is in reference to a long piece of furniture that is larger than a love seat, generally seating three folks on it comfortably. It can come in many styles including Victorian, colonial, or modern decor. A couch is a very important piece of furniture as it gives more seating room should you have more guests over than you anticipated.

A sofa, on the other hand, can be longer than your average couch, sometimes seating up to four folks at one time. Many of the newer sofas are even equipped with a pull out bed. These sofas are known as a couch sofa bed or a couch sleeper sofa.

This is very handy should you find that you would have an unexpected out of town guest stay over. You simply remove the cushions and pull the bed out from inside the sofa. Many of these great sleeper sofas have queen-sized beds enclosed and are a great way to ensure that you have enough room for any last minute sleeping arrangement surprises.

For this reason, many of the sofas will run a little more in cost than your typical couch, and will have far more benefits, as well. The biggest draw back of a sleeper sofa versus a couch would easily be the weight difference. Due to the metal framing inside the sleeper sofa, as opposed to the regular couch, the weight difference can be substantial. Sometimes these weigh in at a whooping hundred pounds or more than a typical couch.

This will be a lot more difficult to move around the room, or from one home to another, as the added weight will surely be noticed and you may require a couple of folks to assist you in moving it. While a couch still may be heavy, you can surely expect for it to be considerably less weight than a sleeper sofa, especially if the sleeper sofa is of the queen sized variety.

There are hundreds of different print patterns available for both a sofa and couch and if you do not see what you like, you can always have a different fabric or pattern reupholstered on to it. This makes the couch or sofa very versatile and manageable when it comes to matching your home decor.

There are specific stores that deal with nothing more than sofas and couches, making it very easy to compare the pros and cons of both items right beside each other. There is unfortunately no real comparison in regards to price. For some reason or another, the word sofa alone can garner a couple hundred dollars more at the furniture store. This is actually rather ridiculous as they are the same thing with a different name. It is obvious, the differences between a sofa and an armchair or love seat. The differences at a glance between a sofa and a couch however are not readily noticeable without serious inspection.

The biggest difference between a sofa and couch will come when you are trying to plan your decor for your home. Going with a nice, three seat couch or a four-seat sleeper sofa will be a big question mark for you when it comes to planning and actually shopping for the furniture in the store.

Take your time and shop around, there are many great deals to be found if you are willing to be patient and look around many stores. It would actually be just as easy to shop online for a sofa and couch as you will have the benefits of seeing many items right before you with a good item description to review.