Unique Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

Rather than settle for a dull and uninspiring look to your Christmas table once again this year, why not add some elegance and flair by decorating to a theme. Make your table an inspirational masterpiece that reflects your individuality of approach together with your sentimentality surrounding the Christmas season celebrations. Do not be afraid to be different, and use your creative side when decorating for the ultimate Christmas table. There are plenty of ideas to be had when it comes to setting a theme for your Christmas table. The Internet, TV decorating shows or even the local library are all good resources for inspiration. Alternatively, read on for some Christmas table decorating ideas that may also inspire you.

Table Seating Settings

Start by writing down the estimated number of guests, whether they are friends or extended family members. Always make sure that you have the required seating for every one, and if necessary move some furniture out, or rearrange your dining area for the correct amount of seating. You can add smaller satellite tables for adults, and place the children at a kitchen bar with the same miniaturized but lovely decorations as well. You can add a decorated serving table in an anteroom as well.

If your crowd is large, make sure to create a seating arrangement according to age and interest since this will entice good conversation and banter. Seating table arrangements also negate any chances that a guest that might not get along with certain folks, or parties will not cause any holiday commotion, which can definitely disrupt the celebration.

Table Decorations – Centerpieces

After taking into account your holiday seating arrangements, think about how your planned decorations will affect the flow of interaction on your guests and family members. Take the advice of a few standard rules for centerpieces particularly.

Ensure that your guests can visually see and hear others seated across from them. This comes in handy with guests that might be hard of hearing or visually impaired. In addition, young children at a table need guidance and assistance for the unexpected spills and food accidents. When thinking about setting a table with a center piece, remove any tall or obstructive works of art for your table. Think low to the tabletop, and remember that sometimes, less is often more.

Christmas Table Theme Decorations

There are as many different types of themed Christmas tables as your imagination can create. If you are a kid at heart, and who is not, or you are expecting children to be attending, one great themed table setting is to decorate with Santa Claus in mind. Your dinner ware and serving dishes can be the traditional matching sets of holiday themes such as holly and berries, or Santa on a sleigh with reindeer, but there are other alternatives.

Bold red or green edging for all pieces on your table will be charming with a center piece of Santa on a sleigh, or lots of red and green Christmas balls in low vases over flowing onto the table. A small-wired formed tree with miniature decorations and greenery adds a nice touch as well. Then again, a long lasting battery operated traditional tree, and some coordinated topiary trees in the corners will brighten up a holiday safely. A fully stuffed stocking with garland encircling it can be used for strictly ornamental purposes, or special gifts can be given out once dinner is finished.

If you want to gear your theme more towards adults, one uniquely beautiful theme is a white Christmas. This theme idea enhances either the setting outside, or creates memories of Christmas past for the family and guest members in attendance. Again, as with the Santa themed idea, coordinate your dishware with the themed idea. Traditionally ice blue dishware and silver cutlery will begin the look for a white Christmas themed table.

A small ice sculpture and frolicking bears in miniature with a soft drink will leave your guests smiling. Complete the look by adding large cut out snowflakes on a darker or lighter blue table cloth, along with snow flake napkins rings. Silver plated accessories and special ordered holiday stem wear of cut glass with snowflakes complete the look. Alternatively, any overlay to a traditional tablecloth can be in a lace pattern in place of cut out snowflakes or graffiti.

Finally, themed Christmas table decorating can include religiously inspired ideas. White, gold or royal purple dishware together with wooden napkin ring holders and crosses, convey what the season is really about. If you are an animal lover, delicate lamb and lion decorations for the center piece remind guests and family about the celebration of Christmas. Do not forget this can be modified to include only angelic beings with a star feature, or a mixture of animals and angels watching over a rough-hewn manger. Use plenty of synthetic angel hair to top off the table decoration

However you decide to set your table remember to have fun. Start early in planning and let your personality shine through. Christmas is a time for reflection and new beginnings, so take these thoughts to heart, and your table will have that magical feeling of you. Your guests will want to back repeatedly to see your new table decorations, and to experience the good food and happy times at your home.