Why Beaded Home Decor is Making a Comeback

There are a very few things that still hold as much charm as the beaded home decor from the 70s. From the beaded lampshades, to the long and very decorative beaded room dividers, they are seeing a rise in popularity. Beads have been used in homes and the home decoration business for hundreds of years, with a lone history of delightful patterns and colors combined to produce some of the most intricate of bead work.

Not unlike many other things from our past, including bell-bottoms, halter-tops, and bee hive hair dos, the beaded home decor items are now becoming ever so popular in today’s society. Many of the leading design experts are now bringing back the old with the wonderful works of bead, as room dividers, tapestry shapes, and lampshades.

With all of the new and modern design companies that are up and coming, and looking to make a name for themselves many of them do not realize that beads are still in the hearts of many folks that remember them from their past. There were many practical applications for beaded home decor actually, as many folks used the beads for various items around their home.

Beaded Plant Hangers

Most likely, the most used purpose for the beads in the early 70s to the mid 80s was the hanging plant potters. These hanging potholders were a very popular item for this time, and graced many homes and small businesses within the period that they were most popular. Today, these plant pot holders made from beads are making a very strong resurgence and are now on the top of many folks lists of must haves when it comes to home decor.

Beaded plant hangers came in various different shapes, styles, and colors. Some of the beads were very large while other holders were nothing more than tiny beads all strung together to form one solid pattern. Today, with folks looking to find that piece of nostalgia and the doorway back to the past where things were groovy, more and more folks want these great items in their home more as a remembrance rather than a fashion statement.

Beaded Room Dividers

Most likely, everybody remembers the great beaded room dividers. They more often resembled a form of see-through curtain that made great little clinking noises when you walked through them. Well, it is a good thing that you remember them, because these great dividers are making a very strong comeback. Many of the newer designers are now actually embracing the notion that the older styles are a huge draw for the masses of folks that lived the era themselves and enjoyed it.

Beaded Lamp Shades

This is another great draw for the folks that remember the past and want it to be a part of their lives in the current. One great way is by making or buying beaded lampshades. While these lovely shades where a big draw in the past, they kind of got lost in the transition of the years. Now as many other things have done beaded lampshades are making a very strong revival. This is a great way to bring nostalgia back and introduce a great time of the past with the present and beyond. Beads are a great way to spice up a room that may be lacking something, but you just do not know what that something may be. They are charming and bring back a time when many folks really enjoyed themselves, as many great and interesting things happened in the 1970s.

Beaded Floor Mats

Finally, there are the beaded floor mats. Most will have fun and fond memory of these mats. Many folks will remember these great additions to hallways or entrance ways of a home back in the 70s. They were always wonderfully done and allow the owner to remember days gone by, and have a very decorative mat in the home that is tastefully done.

Look around online, or even at garage sales and you too may find some of these wonderful beaded home decor products for your house. Once you bring them back into your life, you will wonder why you did not have them sooner. Bringing the past back to the present is a wonderful idea, and it makes for great conversation.