Creating the Perfect Home Office Environment

Creating the perfect home office environment will play a big role in your business results. The furniture and equipment in your office are a large factor in productivity. They may sit inert for the most part, unnoticed. However, if they do not perform as needed the results can be increased back or wrist pain, more time consumed on tasks and lowered motivation.

The furniture, in fact all the items in the home office, should be ergonomically designed. That means the manufacturer has taken into account a variety of human factors to make them perform optimally for you. Sure, 'ergonomic design' can be nothing more than marketing buzzwords but when done well, the benefits are real.

Your productivity is also heavily affected by your choice of desktop computers, more so today than ever before. Good monitors are part of that. Being networked with a central office server, too, often enhances those machines’ value.

Nevertheless, other equipment they connect to also play a part. For many home offices, a good scanner or fax machine will see more activity than your car or van. Shredders are key to security for others and a quality photocopier is indispensable for many.

The guidelines you use in choosing any of these items is often as important as their price. Whether you buy in a retail store or online can affect not only the initial cost, but also the long-term value. Whether they are purchased used or new is equally important.

You should go beyond the dollar or other practical issues when creating the perfect home office, especially when it comes to choosing your equipment and furniture. Consider such things as whether the items are attractive and reflect the your personality. It may sound like nothing but a trivial aesthetic issue, but it has important practical consequences. Furniture, equipment and accessories that have style - in particular a style that reflects the taste of its individual users - will have a definite impact on your motivation. That factor may be harder to quantify, but it can easily outweigh many purely utilitarian considerations.

Consider the office chair you select, as an example. It has to have certain attributes - sturdiness, adjustability, and comfort, in order to be a good value. However, if, in addition, it adds a sense of style according to its user's tastes, the chair's value is increased many fold. You will typically spend several hours per day in one so it helps enormously if you enjoy it as well.

There is as much art as science to evaluating home office equipment, furniture or accessories. However, there is nonetheless wide agreement on what is attractive and workable. Some office decor encourages you to get down to business; some other might make you dread it. Ever struggle for hours with an uncooperative copier, or look around the room and see shabby furniture or decoration? If so, then you understand.

Spend some time thinking about ways of creating the perfect home office environment. Then, systematically, choose well to make it real. You will profit in numerous ways.

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