Ergonomic Home Office Equipment

The word ergonomic refers to the science of applying knowledge about human physiology and behavior to the design of the things folks use. In the context of ergonomic home office equipment and furniture it can be applied to keyboard stands, monitor arms, chairs and desks, and a wide variety of other things found in the office. Far from being just another marketing catchphrase, having ergonomically designed office equipment actually makes a real difference. Any word can be misused, to be sure but ergonomic factors in furniture and gear really do make them better than the common type.

Neck pain, for instance, is a familiar experience amongst those who sit in front of a computer screen several hours a day. Today, that includes a very large percentage of the population. To avoid it requires that you consider the ergonomics involved.

Ergonomic Home Office Executive ChairFolks come in different heights, use different height desks and chairs, and develop individual habits, including better or worse posture. Even something as simple as a monitor arm can allow you to adjust the screen to your desk, chair and body height.

The proper angle is important, as well. For instance, you should be seated to look at the screen straight on, at a very slight downward angle of view. That helps encourage the proper position of the neck and shoulders, which in turn reduce the odds of pain and discomfort from hours of web surfing, typing and using software.

As more and more folks use computers for longer and longer, carpel tunnel syndrome is becoming more common, as well. That occurs when a nerve that runs through a small 'tunnel' in the wrist is rubbed repeatedly from typing and using the mouse. The odds of getting CTS are much higher at certain angles than others. Using an ergonomically favorable keyboard and platform can help solve the dilemma.

You have undoubtedly seen by now keyboards whose keys are split down the middle. Sometimes the left half is completely separate from the right half, other times they are joined in the center but still slanted. Keyboards with concave or convex key sections have also been tried. Which is best is very much an individual affair. The basic key, pun intended, is to ensure that stress on the wrist is relieved so that the median nerve does not get irritated.

However, possibly the most important element of all is the position of the spine. It needs to be relaxed, but naturally straight. The spine naturally curves, but it should be no more or less curved than that. Slouching is common, but it is not just an old wives tale that the effect over the long term is less than ideal. Maintaining proper posture, though, can be easier or more difficult depending on the chair you use.

An ergonomic home office chair provides a comfortable seat and much more. It allows for easy adjustment of seat height and angle, as well as the angle of the back. It gives support to the all-important lower back and makes it possible to adjust the arm rests so you can maintain the right keyboard-to-wrist height and angle.

If you experience pain in the neck, wrists or back the odds are very high you can benefit from ergonomic home office furniture and equipment. It will be worth every penny.

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