How to Choose a Home Office Chair

The chair that you choose for your home office plays a big role in your workday. We often give them little thought, until they break. However, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, a home office chair can help or hamper your work. Choose one that is not right for your particular requirements and you will find yourself continually irritated, even if you are not fully aware of it.

Physical construction is the most basic level of a good home office chair. It needs to be solidly built and the right size for you. It has to have the proper cushioning and good material. However, that is only the start.

A good chair will adjust easily through a wide range of heights and angles to conform to your body and style. Have you ever seen a home office chair where adjusting the height becomes an Olympic sport? Some designs require you to have the strength of an athlete just to raise the level an inch. Others have the opposite problem, popping up or down at the slightest touch of the lever. Avoid them.

Ergonomic Home Office ChairErgonomic home office chair designs will provide excellent support to the lower back. They will allow you to adjust the height and sometimes even the angle of the arm rests. That is key to ensuring that you get the proper orientation to the desk and keyboard. You can then work in comfort, avoid long-term health problems, and allow you to get more done in a day.

Depending on the size of your home office, though, you may need more than just desk chairs for you and your partner, staff or co-workers. If you have clients, good supplemental seating is necessary. In Japan or China, what you offer your guests says a lot, about how you regard them. Westerners may place less emphasis on it, but the effect is still there, if more subtle. Mesh chairs or bungee chairs are both appreciated by everyone.

The design of the primary home office chair or supplemental seating can also say a lot about the business owner. We have all seen scenes in films of highly stylish law offices, for example. The seating is not just a matter of impressing clients, as important as that may be. A good design presents an image that goes beyond vanity. It establishes an air of competence, good design sense and more that can mean the difference between getting the contract or not.

Fortunately, numerous models available fulfill both roles of beauty and function. A leather-covered home office chair with a cherry wood base is stylish. Wheels that never wear out with easy to reach controls make it highly utilitarian. An ergonomic chair with a rachet back adjustment puts support at just the right height for you. Great padding makes it comfortable. Stylish fabric makes it a joy to use.

Many small business owners have a tendency to resist spending on a fine chair, which is understandable. Tight budgets are one key to success. However, given the years of use and the effect a good home office chair has on the decor it pays to spend a little more to get a lot more. After all, buying ugly, too-tight shoes is not for you. You will get as much use out of a good home office chair as any footwear.

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