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Although homeschooling sounds very promising and easy, it quickly becomes a daunting task for many parents. The reason behind this is improper planning and unavailability of support material and guidelines. There is so much for parents to learn and they should not neglect the idea of collecting all necessary information on homeschooling and its consequences before taking the big step.

Of course, different people adopt different approaches to teaching. It depends on their knowledge and schedule. It also depends on resources available to guide them through the whole procedure. Studies have shown that homeschooled students do better in their professional studies than public and even private school students. Due to this reason, many parents want to opt for this opportunity, but the problem is they don’t know where to start.

Legal Issues with Homeshooling

The first step to undertake homeschooling is to gather as much information as possible about the legal issues regarding this matter. Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is an organization striving to protect the rights of homeschooled students regarding college education. You can read about the efforts of the HSLDA and find out the rules and regulations of homeschooling in a particular state.

Homeschooling Support Groups

Modern homeschooling is in practice for over 40 years now in America and since then many organizations and support groups have been formed to maintain this system of education and make it successful. You can visit The Home School Mum to obtain a list of these support groups in your area and get in touch with them for reference material and other assistance.

Books About Homeschooling

The Internet has made everything easier for parents and students wanting to adopt homeschooling. There are many books now available on this topic and can be easily found by surfing the Internet. Some of these books are available for download, while others need to be purchased. John Holt is a popular name in this category and has written many books on the topic of education in general and homeschooling in particular.

Similarly, magazines, newsletters and online forums are there to help you out throughout the process. Two of the most popular magazines in this category are Classical Homeschooling and Home Education Magazine. These magazines can be reached at Classical Homeschooling and the HEM Network, respectively.

Homeschooling Resources

You need to learn about various methodologies and approaches currently in use for homeschooling. There are many popular approaches; however, most parents want to adopt either School-at-Home or Classical Homeschooling. Search the Internet to download latest information available on these approaches and others to decide a starting point and carry on with the task.

Reading material, pattern of study and curricula can also be obtained easily. If you find one approach difficult to follow, you can always switch to an alternative approach depending on your own schedule and your children’s comfort.

Forums are a good way to start learning about homeschooling. Some of the popular ones are the Homeschooling Discussion Forum and the Homeschool World Forum. Many others can be found by simply entering ‘homeschool forums and resources’ in the search field of a search engine like Google.

Always keep your goals in mind before taking on the responsibility of homeschooling and accordingly choose an approach. You should work to minimize stress on your children. Also keep in mind your own work schedule and other commitments before starting homeschooling to make it successful in the long run.

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