Homeschooling for Single Parent

Homeschooling is not easy, especially for a single parent. Many single parents are left with no option but to admit their child to a public school because of the enormous responsibility of teaching at home. They have to go out for work, do other household chores and of course they also need rest. As a result of this routine, no or little time is left for teaching and homeschooling is ruled out of the options.

Private schools are way out of reach for most single parents striving to provide enough for their children’s needs. Although homeschooling requires extra dedication and determination, it produces better results when it comes to college entrance exams and other test scores expected of students seeking admission. Many examples of single parents can be seen who want to dedicate their time to their children’s education and be successful afterwards.

If you have decided to homeschool your child and have no partner to help you out on this front, the first step is to commit yourself wholeheartedly to this task. Manage your time according to the requirements. If you have to go to work in the daytime, then dedicate the entire evening to your child. Adopt a homeschooling approach that best matches your schedule, budget and other requirements. Your child should also feel comfortable with the whole routine and understand the importance of putting extra effort now to achieve goals later on.

In homeschooling, it’s possible to make use of holidays, weekends and summer vacations. Promise your child that you would visit some exotic places once he or she is done with the homework and tests. Plan some interesting activities for them during free time. Make the whole procedure enjoyable for your child and don’t overwhelm him or her with studies.

Children learn quicker in a relaxed environment. Don’t forbid them from going out or watching TV. Let them relax the way they want to. Many homeschooling approaches in use today are child-driven. A parent can observe the activities of their child and change the pattern of study according to their intelligence level and ability to grasp concepts.

Hiring a tutor is also a good option for a single parent wanting to adopt homeschooling. Many good and experienced tutors are now available at reasonable rates to assist in homeschooling children. There is enough information available online on this topic and majority of these tutors can be reached through their email addresses. Virtual homeschooling has now been made reality, thanks to the ever-expanding information technology.

Single parents, especially mothers, are encouraged to start their own home-based business. There are many options from affiliate marketing to freelance writing and other projects to do while sitting at home. You only need an Internet connection for this purpose and possibly some initial investment to start a business. This way you are able to dedicate more time to your children’s education and give them all the attention they need.

Conduct a research on everything related to homeschooling, from money matters to the availability of material and curricula. With some extra effort, determination and courage, homeschooling can be made reality by single, working parents.

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