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Many types of homeschooling programs have currently been employed by parents to provide basic education to their children at home. However, these programs or approaches have not yet been extended to the level of college education. There are good universities and colleges located throughout the United States. Many of these universities are outstanding and listed in top hundred or thousand universities in the whole world.

It has been found that homeschooled students are better equipped with practical knowledge than students from public and even private schools. However, when it’s time to apply to college they are somewhat hesitant because they are unfamiliar with the traditional setting and values taught at public schools.

Career counseling done in high schools is not adequate; in fact most counselors are not even aware of the talents and abilities of their students and simply put forward a disorganized guide just to fulfill their duty. Parents, on the other hand, are very much concerned about what their children want to do when they grow up.

Today, most universities accept homeschooled students without asking for transcripts. The criteria for entry in an undergraduate or graduate level course are test scores for various tests including SAT, GRE, etc. So, this hurdle of producing a transcript is no longer there for millions of homeschooled student applying for college programs.

As a precaution, parents are advised to keep a record of their child’s test scores and other grades right from the beginning. These documents can be presented to the office at the time of admission for carrying out all the required proceedings. Generating a transcript exactly like the one produced by public schools is not a difficult task. Some special study programs have now been designed solely for homeschooled students so that they are able to compete with other students for limited college and university seats.

A four-year college program is mandatory to attend for all students seeking higher education. It is also required for entering into the professional world or going to a foreign country for graduate programs or PhD. Universities and colleges throughout the United States now follow a structured approach to tackle millions of homeschooled students every year. And the main reason for this generosity is the ability and zest shown by these students and their excellent test scores.

To prepare for SAT, ACT and GRE, there are many institutions and now extensive online help is also available for students. If they do well in these tests, their admission is guaranteed. Otherwise, a re-test may be required. Some colleges hold their own admission tests as well. Their pattern is somewhat different from traditional SAT pattern, but still experienced students may be available for assistance in this regard.

Advanced Placement courses are also available for all students whether they have a homeschooling background or public/private schooling background. These courses result in transcripts and other important papers that can be handed over to the admissions office. Accelerated learning program is a similar kind of program that helps in telling officials that homeschooling students are just as prepared for professional education as other students are.

The journey from homeschooling to college and eventually to the professional world is an interesting and full-of-learning opportunity for homeschooled students. They can prove their worth during these courses and tests like SAT and ACT, and get enrolled into programs according to their aptitude and skills. These students can also apply in foreign universities based on their test scores and transcripts.

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