Is Homeschooling Worse Than Normal School

Over the years we have learnt to rely on public schools to provide good education, if not the best, to our children. However, parents are always looking for better and improved methods of teaching to build their child’s mind and prepare him or her for later challenges of life. Homeschooling has recently gained popularity all over the world because of excellent results shown by homeschool students in different kinds of tests.

Of course, there are many factors that contribute to an overall quality homeschooling approach. The first and foremost factor is your own determination and courage. It’s not easy to cut-off public school education based on your thinking that your children would be able to learn better at home. Parents have to sacrifice a lot of things to fulfill homeschooling requirements and to stick with the schedule no matter what the situation is.

But everyone knows that if adopted after careful planning, homeschooling brings a lot of benefits in terms of building the confidence level of your children and keeping them away from some demoralizing factors of public schools.

According to a recent research initiated by the US Department of Education, homeschool students secured "exceptionally high" scores in tests as compared to public and private school students. It was also found that homeschooled children were way ahead of their peers from public schools in grade levels. In addition to possessing an extraordinary problem-solving ability, they also had improved confidence levels.

This shows that homeschooling is better than public schools not because it invents something new to be taught to children, but only because public schools are not able to meet the standards of quality education. They are either neglecting their duties altogether or are too lazy to assess the true worth of a student.

Private schools are much better than public schools but they are not affordable by everyone. Many parents who want to enroll their children in private schools work too hard that sometimes they don’t even get time to spend with their children or know if their children are facing problems at school. This is a major drawback of private schooling, as children do need the comfort of their parents’ love and care to excel in life.

What you need to know is that over a million students are homeschooled in America every year. Different parents adopt different approaches depending on their budget and family setup, but one thing is common among all of them: they want their children to get the best education possible in order to recognize their talents and using them later on to live a successful life. A major advantage of homeschooling is that parents can start educating their child very early, even at age two.

So, this analysis shows that homeschooling produces much better results than public or private schooling.

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