Legal Issues with Homeschooling

One of the major concerns of parents before adopting a homeschooling approach for the education of their children is the impact of legal restrictions. They need to know that homeschooling is not against the law; in fact millions of students today entering college after high school education are homeschooled students. However, you may want to know some more details regarding homeschooling legal issues before you could adopt this methodology.

Rules and regulations regarding homeschooling may vary from state to state because the Constitution does not mention anything related to education. Rules and guidelines are established based on the impact of homeschooling on colleges and universities in a particular state.

Although homeschooling is completely legal in all states, some states do put forward restrictions when it comes to college applications. These hurdles can be overcome by homeschooled students by producing a transcript and going through all the necessary tests required for entry. Texas and Idaho have relaxed rules regarding application of homeshcooled students to a college, while Massachusetts and New York have some tight rules and limited seats for homeschooled students in professional education programs.

Many efforts have recently been done to allow parents evade the restrictions imposed by the state in making public school attendance mandatory for all students. They can now easily adopt a homeschooling approach, educate their children according to their own liking and later on prepare them for college and university entrance exams.

Back in 1925, it was established by the Supreme Court that the parents should feel more responsible towards their children in providing quality education than the state. This clearly shows that it is a duty of parents themselves and not the state to look after their children and keep them away from demoralized values. Even today these rights are there for parents and they can use them anytime during the education of their children to be allowed to avoid public schools.

Further information about legal issues regarding homeschooling can be found at the official website of the HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Association. This organization was founded in 1983 to protect the rights of the parents regarding their decision to homeschool their children. Many legal battles have already been fought by this organization to support parents seeking quality education for a bright and prosperous future of their children.

Some social workers and activist movements are still underway to advocate parents’ helplessness and inability to properly educate their children. These movements and people supporting them can be silenced by seeking help from HSLDA. Parents need to know that there are no legal restrictions when it comes to the upbringing of their own children, and therefore they can choose any medium of schooling based on their experience and observation of the society.

You are encouraged to read all paperwork on the topic of homeschooling and its legal implications in a particular state before taking the big step.

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