Working Mom Homeschooling

When we say homeschooling, we mean a kind of do it yourself education. But who are we addressing when we say "yourself"? It’s not easy for parents to take time out for educating their children because of their busy life in which they have to work at least 8 hours a day, do household chores everyday and attend to other issues. So, what makes homeschooling successful then?

Many parents have discovered easier ways of adopting this system of education by making use of the unlimited material available online as well as by choosing an approach suitable to their family set up.

If both partners decide to homeschool their children, they should work together to make it successful. A traditional approach can be a working husband and a stay-at-home wife. In such a case, the woman is responsible for the education of her children and looking after everything regarding homeschooling. But women have reported back many problems of this approach. First of all, the husband is not supportive at all and there are many subject areas where women are not very knowledgeable and they do need help from their husbands. Secondly, some kids are just too hard to handle.

However, since the 1960s, this arrangement has changed drastically. An ever-increasing number of single parents especially women, and same-sex couples demand a change in this traditional thinking of most people. Now anyone can take the responsibility of educating children at home as long as they are committed and recognize the benefits of homeschooling over other systems of schooling.

Seeking help of a tutor is a widely-adopted methodology. In a situation where both parents are working or don’t have time to give to their children, tutors can be hired on a permanent basis. Parents should see how well their children are doing on a regular basis and if possible check their homework themselves. Many tutors are now available at reasonable rates and most people can afford them. We have the example of Aristotle who used to tutor Alexander the Great. This methodology does work if handled properly.

Some tutors specialize in a particular area, while others provide general education by teaching nearly all subjects. Today, many tutors dedicate their time for the purpose of homeschooling and charge a monthly fee. Finding a good tutor is not a difficult task. You can search online and get in touch with them through their email addresses. Some tutors have also arranged a virtual environment for homeschooling in which parents can make use of a computer and an Internet connection to receive their services.

Another approach is to ask a neighbor to help you out on this front. This is particularly useful in case of a single mom who wants to adopt homeschooling. Similarly, a friend can be asked to come over and assist in the whole procedure. Single moms can also work in the daytime and teach their children in the evening. They can make use of weekends and public holidays to do some extra stuff and compensate for the time lost in job and other activities.

Neighbors or babysitters can also be invited to take care of small kids while you can dedicate this time to teaching older kids or checking their homework. Similarly, the husband can be asked to track progress in the evenings while you complete other household chores and attend to some unfinished business.

If you haven’t been able to find a good tutor for your children, and none of your friends or neighbors is willing to offer their services, there is yet another way to practice homeschooling and that is to start your own home-based business. While staying at home you would be able to not only dedicate your time to education, but also do something creative to earn money. This methodology has worked for many parents, especially those who have no external help of any kind.

Once started, homeschooling does provide long-term benefits especially in case of motivated, self-sufficient students. Dig for more information on all these approaches before you give up on homeschooling.

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