Tips on How to Burglary Proof Your Home

To avoid having robbers break into your house, try to put yourself in a burglar’s shoes. You need to learn their tactics and strategies first so you know how to counter them and make your home secure. Let’s find how a professional burglar picks the house to rob and implements his plans and some steps you can take to burglary proof your home.

The first thing a robber does is observe the target place carefully and look for security loopholes and other vulnerabilities. Try to capture the view of your house from a burglar’s standpoint and identify weak areas. Professional robbers are careful not to leave any traces like finger or foot prints to be caught later. They make use of gloves and similar equipment to minimize the odds of being seen or caught.

The time when most burglaries happen is at night when there is silence all around and everyone is sleeping. It’s easier to get into a dimly-lit house or the one that is not lighted at all. Even if you do wake up from the sound of footsteps or alarms, you will not be able to see the robber to identify him later. Therefore, always leave some lights on during the night, especially the ones that light the staircase and the hall.

The kitchen door is an easy target for burglars to enter the house unnoticed and unseen. Lock it properly before going to sleep and have someone sleep in close proximity to the kitchen to alert you in case of unusual noise or something else. Sliding glass windows should also be protected with modern lock mechanisms to prevent them from being opened easily.

Some professional burglars even break the glass door or window to enter the house. They have each second in the house pre-planned -- from the time they enter until the time they leave -- without being noticed or caught. Such burglars are dangerous and may carry shot-guns or other weapons for their safety. Install state-of-the-art infrared alarm systems or motion detectors near your glass doors and windows. You can also keep a guard dog to alert you ahead of time when a burglar is trying to break into your house.

Always keep your lawn clean from unnecessary and obstructing bushes and plants. These places serve as a good hiding place for intruders, especially those trying to get a clear view of your living room to commit a robbery at a later time when you are not around. Keep your shutters close at night and also ask your neighbors to watch your front yard when you are not at home.

Make your home a less vulnerable target for robbery. Secure your home and your life by installing newer and more sophisticated and effective security systems, and prevent burglars from entering your home by understanding the psychology of a thief and taking the above-mentioned precautionary measures.

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