Door and Window Security Tips

An important aspect of implementing home security is door and window security and making sure that both are completely secure and impenetrable. Installing modern locking mechanisms and fortification of doors and windows are two of the most common ways of making them safe.

Before buying any kind of security system, consider all possible entrances to your house including doggie doors. Burglars often use back entrances, like the kitchen door, to enter the house unseen at night when everyone is sleeping in their bedrooms. Always make sure you have properly locked all doors before going to sleep every night.

Glass doors and windows are also an easy target for a burglar. Many modern homes are now built with a complete glass wall in the living room or a hall with one wall dedicated to glass windows. The protection of these windows is very important. Look around for double-lock mechanisms and other safety methods to secure these windows and also install alarm systems that go off when somebody touches or tries to open or break these doors and windows.

Vibration detection systems can also be installed to minimize the chances of a break-in through glass doors. These systems are easily available now and are not that much expensive. They also provide protection in the case of windows by sending an alarm signal to the people responsible for your home security.

Another option would be to remodel these structures for protection. Replace them with more secure doors made of some other material like wood or metal. Yet another way is to replace them with polycarbonate or tempered glass. These glass doors are quite expensive but provide maximum security just like bullet-proof glass windows in a car. Similarly, digital locks like a combination lock and other kinds that come under this category are a good way of securing windows.

Deadbolts, sash bars and other locking devices provide sufficient protection in case of glass and ordinary doors. Sliding glass doors and windows can be equipped with a pin-lock. Many other kinds of locks are now available and you can browse through this collection online to decide which one would be best suited to your security requirements. These locks are listed under expensive and inexpensive categories. You can also search for modern, wirelessly operated locks and technologically refined equipment.

Electronic, password-enabled or biometric identification systems can be used for opening entrance doors and even gates. A few years ago, we only saw such systems in movies and on TV, but now they are available for public use as well. Of course, all these systems have their pros and cons. For example, a fingerprint recognition system is easier to use than a password-enabled system because you don’t have to memorize a difficult code. Similarly, using a token to open doors is the safest and easiest way to ensure protection.

Modern sensors in this category can store up to fifty fingerprint profiles. They can also be connected to a PC to retrieve many samples from a database of fingerprints. The procedure may take a little longer than ordinary lock opening systems but they are very beneficial in the long run. If you have such a system installed in your property, you can easily go on a vacation without having to worry about the chances of your home being robbed.

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