Driveway Security Alarm Systems

There are many kinds of driveway security alarm systems available today. These alarms allow you to see who enters your house through the driveway. They are mostly effective in large estates but many small houses that have a gate and a short driveway can also be installed with driveway security systems to help prevent burglaries and other crimes.

One of the most common alarm systems in this category is the intercom installed on the side of the gate. The visitor has to press the intercom button to be allowed in. In some cases, there is a keypad to enter some code or password for the gate to open automatically. If someone enters a wrong code several times, there might be an alarm signaled to the people living in the house that someone is trying to gain unauthorized access inside the premises.

Other examples of such systems include infrared rays, driveway alert, wireless handheld systems consisting of remote controls and other similar systems. Infrared sensors are placed at places from where a person or a car is likely to enter. These rays cannot be seen by the naked eye, and when something comes in contact with these rays, there is an alarm sounded inside where the receivers have been placed. Motion and smoke sensors work in a similar manner and are very accurate and efficient devices to detect the presence of a burglar.

Cameras can also be installed in the driveway to see who is entering your house. A person should be appointed to monitor the driveway on this camera at all times. Sometimes when intercom system is used, the person inside the house may ask the visitor to produce his/her ID and hold it up on the camera.

Modern driveway alarm systems are a combination of various devices including wireless sensors and detectors. They are easy to install and use and come with a cutting-edge technology to provide latest functions and operations in the field of home security.

Some of the features that you should look for in a contemporary and sophisticated alarm system are waterproof and dustproof transmitters and similar devices, safety locks, a guide or manual for easy installation, and wireless technology such as Bluetooth, GPRS and radio frequency identification for connection to a PC or cell phone.

Systems that can be connected with a network of computers through GPRS or some other technology provide the facility of remotely operating a driveway alarm system in case you are away. In such a system, alarms are sounded on your cell phone and necessary action is taken like calling the police or other authorities automatically. You can also see what is happening inside your house or on the driveway through cameras installed there by connecting to the Internet and providing necessary information to gain access. 

These are only few of the many state-of-the-art driveway alarm systems available today. Don’t forget to check out all these systems online and then decide which one will be best suited to your requirements and budget.

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