Benefits of a Home Automation Security System

The advent of the personal computer and the Internet has made automated home security systems a part of our lives. There are so many kinds of automated home systems available now that it becomes difficult to choose one or few of them for our home security.

The most popular of these systems is the video surveillance camera that provides access through the Internet on PC or cell phone. They automatically start operating when you leave the house and turn off when you come back. Software capability allows us to program them according to our requirements. For example, we can specify the exact time for turning on their operation and make them password-enabled.

Another one of these automated devices is the light timer. They are simply timers for switching on lights and turning them off at specified times. However, modern devices of such kinds also include other operations like sounding of alarms and motion detection in case of some unusual activity.

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to make devices that learn on their own. They program according to the movements, time intervals, usage history and other similar parameters of their owner. Most of these devices are battery-operated, and therefore they keep working even if the power goes off. These systems are a bit more expensive than the ones requiring electricity to operate but they provide many benefits in the long run.

Even wired systems can be provided with a battery backup system like a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). This kind of device comes handy in case of frequent power failures. Rechargeable batteries can also be used for optimal operation without expending much cost.

Door locks can be disabled by using an automated security system. When you have to leave the house, you may want to disable locks for the time period you are going to be away. Similarly, if you are leaving children behind you may want to disable the use of certain appliances and devices that might be dangerous for children to use. If installed with wireless sensors, these devices can be programmed to sound alarms when used without permission.

Automatically opening doors and gates also come under this category. These kinds of doors operate with a lock combination or a card or token to be used for opening. Sophisticated technology in the context of biometrics identification can also be employed in which a laser beam is used to identify the person. Similarly, fingerprints or face patterns can be used to identify a person allowed to enter. 

Token-based systems are the most efficient because the code in the token changes every few hours or according to your software program. You don’t have to remember it as in case of password-enabled systems. Modern automation systems come with two or three passwords to be entered at various steps. But this puts burden on the owner’s mind and sometimes the passwords are forgotten and re-programming of the whole apparatus is required.

Improve the protection of your home by installing these and other kinds of automation home security systems and learn how they can put a lot of burden off your shoulders.

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