Facts about Home Burglar Alarm Systems

If you are at all concerned about the security and the safety of your home, then it would be wise to look at the benefits of having a burglar alarm system installed. Home burglar alarm systems can be very effective and a wise investment when there is a need to protect your house and family. Unfortunately, some homeowners hesitate to put security surveillance systems in place because they have some misunderstandings and misconceptions about these products.

As most people know, burglar alarms are designed to help you detect break-ins and intrusions in your home. When the alarm is tripped, a monitoring company is alerted and they are able to dispatch local police to the scene to handle the problems. Most systems also have integrated fire alarm systems and a monitor for that as well. Today, even the most basic systems also include security surveillance systems and even remote video surveillance, adding an extra layer of functionality.

However, even with the numerous benefits that burglar alarm systems offer to homeowners, there are still many folks who shy away from installing them, because of lingering misconceptions. Now is the time to dispel these rumors so that you can make an informed decision about security systems based on solid facts.

They are just too expensive to install and monitor

Not so these days as costs have come down considerably in recent years. Depending on your needs, basic systems can be purchased and installed for a few hundred dollars. Monitoring is generally charged on a monthly basis and usually around the thirty dollars per month mark.

It is an unnecessary expense

While it is true that you may never have an incident, the fact is that the cost of one break-in will more than likely pay for the security surveillance equipment many times over. Also, your insurance company will probably give you a break on your homeowner insurance premiums if your house is protected by a burglar alarm system.

They are difficult to use and I do not have time to learn

Actually good security systems are quite simple to use. If you can use an ATM, then you can certainly handle a home burglar alarm system. The same applies for family members with a typical demonstration and training session taking less than an hour.

The system will be useless is the power goes out or the phone lines are cut

The reality is that any decent security surveillance solution will have sophisticated battery backup in case of a power outage and an integrated cellular line to back up your phone system. Both of these backup systems automatically kick in if problems are detected.

False alarms are too common and will get us in trouble with local authorities

A monitored system will first alert the monitoring center. They will attempt to contact you, or someone on your contact list, to determine if there is a real problem. This step keeps most false alarms from ever being reported to emergency agencies. If you entered the wrong code, then you will get a warning signal and still have time to re-enter the code.

If any one or more of these myths have been getting in the way of taking a positive step toward securing your home, then these clarifications should give you the facts you need to re-evaluate your decision. The bottom line is that well-designed and implemented home burglar alarm systems can provide a great return on investment, in terms of the peace of mind you will enjoy from having your home secured.

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