Pros and Cons of Home Defense Weapons

It is not customary for people to carry or even keep weapons like a gun at home. However, a great number of people who think their life is in danger because of some social or political enemies and other reasons do keep different kinds of home defense weapons for their personal safety.

Keeping a weapon at home to be used at a time of danger is one thing and using it regularly is another. Of course, weapons have to be handled very carefully and kept at a safe place if one needs to avoid unnecessary damage and loss of life. There are two kinds of people -- those who support the use of weapons for personal or home security and those who do not support this concept.

First of all, you need to know that owning a dangerous weapon requires a license. In case of some unfortunate event or mishandling, you are going to be responsible because the weapon is in your custody. Furthermore, by taking out a gun in front of an armed burglar or mugger, you are only increasing the chances of getting hurt because the burglar will try to protect himself too. If you absolutely have to carry a weapon around, it is advisable to use it only when it is necessary.

Keeping a gun at home in a safe is somewhat less dangerous. You may want to use it to hold robbers at gunpoint while the police arrives and takes charge from then onwards. Keeping a gun alone has a disadvantage of being stolen or used against you in a fight.

There are legal repercussions of keeping a firearm at home as well. In some states, it is illegal to own a gun or any other kind of dangerous weapon for protection. Even if you used it for your defense you would have to appear in the court of law to justify your actions and provide evidence. To avoid these consequences, many people try to be on the safe side and do not keep any kind of firearms at all.

Another disadvantage associated with carrying a gun is mishandling by children who are present in the house. Children are born with an inquisitive nature and the more you forbid them to do something, the more compelled they would feel to do the same task. So it’s very dangerous to keep a gun in your drawer if you have small kids of your own or even those who visit your house often.

Having a safe room in the house for hiding weapons or constructing a fortified wall or doors is much less dangerous. You may want to contact a home security company to ask for information on this type of security implementation. Always analyze the situation carefully and think of all the consequences of an action before using any kind of weapon for your safety.

If you are legally allowed to own a gun, then carry it along when you have to go to a far-off, isolated place, especially if you are also carrying something precious like a lot of money or jewelry. Otherwise, avoiding the use of weapons is almost always the best choice. You can install modern security systems instead and make your home a protected place to live in.

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