Advantages of Home Security Guard Dogs

Keeping guard dogs for the purpose of home security is one of the oldest methods of implementing protection. Even today in many open places and farm houses, people keep guard dogs to prevent thieves and strangers from entering the house. In these places, the dogs also act as a means for alerting the owner when there is a danger of some wild animal in close proximity. Read on to find out what makes a good guard dog and what you need to know before getting one for home security purposes.

The most popular breeds of dogs to be kept as guard dogs are the Doberman pinscher and German shepherd. These dogs are first trained to do exactly what their master is expecting them to do in times of danger. Other dogs that come under this category are Bull Mastiffs and Rottweilers. The size and outlook of these dogs make them an excellent choice for a guard dog.

These dogs are taught to distinguish between family members and strangers. They sense the presence of friends and visitors who are allowed inside the house through sight and smell. The master is warned of any strangers lurking around by a growl.

Burglars often look for alternative ways of entrance when there are guard dogs around. If there are no other routes, they may gun the dogs down or poison them. However, if the guard dog has had the chance of barking once before it is silenced, the homeowner is alerted and can act accordingly. Large dogs are a threat for even strong and brave men, and therefore they can be trained for maximum protection and safety.

A guard dog has to be taught when to bark and when to stay quiet. If it barks on almost every little thing and man who passes by, then the owner will be confused and wouldn’t be able to distinguish between false alarms and actual red alerts. It is customary for home and farm owners to keep more than one guard dogs for the purpose of staying at the safe side or appointing them to different places and entrances.

Some dogs always stay outdoors no matter what the weather is. They should be given an environment where they are likely to perform their best. On the other hand, some guard dogs may like it if you feed them indoors or take them for a walk every now and then. Learning the psychology of a particular breed of dog is important to train them effectively and get the maximum of their skills.

Having a dog around is protective but sometimes a dog can become a threat to the owner himself. Always put your safety before the safety of your guard dogs. If they are required to stay outdoors at all times then properly lock your doors and windows at night before going to sleep.

Do not let the guard dogs bark at neighbors; otherwise they would become a constant headache for people living around. At the same time, place some warning signs around your house that there are dogs inside. If possible, also mention some of the dangers of coming close to a wild dog and some safety precautions if someone happens to be inexperienced in this field.

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