Home Security Tips and Advice

Every homeowner should make sure all necessary security steps have been taken to ensure maximum protection from burglary and similar crimes. Proper locking of doors and windows and double-checking everything before leaving the house are two fundamental home security tips that every homeowner should perform. Similarly, you can ask your neighbor to watch your house while you are away. Other more sophisticated techniques include installation of an automatic alarm system, or if you have some extra technical savvy, installing a watch-camera.

Make a habit of checking your surroundings every night before going to sleep. This includes the inspection of door locks and window mechanisms to ensure that everything is safe and completely shut. Back entrance through the kitchen door is one of the easiest routes for housebreakers. Make sure you have double-checked the security of kitchen door as well as windows before going to sleep.

If you have a two-story house, don’t leave the downstairs empty. If you sleep upstairs then have someone like a guard or a gardener to sleep on the ground floor. In addition to this, keep the main hall and staircase lit by some low-power bulb all through the night.

Backyard and front lawn are good hiding places for thieves or housebreakers. Keep them clean. Also don’t let the shutters open at night, even if the windows are properly locked. This could allow the thieves to have a good view of your downstairs hall or living room to break into it at a later time.

When you have to leave the house for many days, make sure you ask your neighbor to watch it at all times. Leave some outdoor lights switched on so that the burglars would think you are inside. Some other equipment like TVs and stereo systems to go off at regular intervals of time should also be installed in order to give an impression of life inside the house.

Many digital and state-of-the-art home security devices are now available at reasonable prices. These are computer-controlled devices through which you can get access to what is happening inside your home from a remote location. You can even check the status of these devices and electrical appliances by using your cell phone.

However, there is one disadvantage of such devices. They can be hacked by professional hackers to gain unauthorized access to your personal information, including the interior of your home. Make sure before installing such a device you have done enough research in the field and have implemented maximum protection to prevent hacking.

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