Personal Security Tips at Home and Away

Criminals are all around and they attempt to commit a crime every 18 seconds on average. If you search for statistics of criminal activities in the country, you will come across massive number of figures and data. All this is a constant threat to our personal safety and security and ways should be devised to minimize the effects of such crimes.

To Safety precautions should be taken by everyone, whether we are staying at home or walking on the streets. If we are alone, unequipped and far away from home, our vulnerability increases many times. Burglars and muggers are always looking for opportunities to rob innocent, docile citizens on the the streets. Personal security is essential to save not only our belongings but also our life.

Avoid going to high crime areas or places where there is not much population. Before hailing a cab in such an area, make sure you are safe, have contact with a family member on the cell phone and have something to protect yourself in your pocket or purse. Don’t show that you are fearful or apprehensive simply because you are all alone in a foreign land. Appear confident and if possible, carry a licensed firearm with you at all times.

Although carrying firearms by citizens is unusual, they can be used for drawing a burglar away or holding him up until a police officer arrives. Less dangerous weapons like pepper or chemical sprays, whistles, alarms and other devices for personal security are very much common and provide sufficient protection.

A cell phone can also be used to alert authorities or a family member in case of an unusual confrontation with a mugger. These cell phones are equipped with ICE (in case of emergency) numbers and only a single button is required to be pressed in order to dispatch a text message to these numbers. To use this facility, always keep your cell phone charged and never forget to bring it with you whenever you leave your home.

When you are driving in remote areas, look in the rear-view mirror often to get a glimpse of any car that might be following you. If you suspect someone following you, try to dodge them or take an alternative route to reach your destination. You can also try driving to the police station to shake off the suspicious car. It is also advised to take someone along when you have to visit cut-off or strange locations.

Personal security has to be implemented when you are at home. Keep all your doors and windows properly locked. Switch on the TV even if you have to do something else and don’t forget to turn on the outdoor lights for maximum illumination. In addition to this, have someone from the neighborhood watch your lawn and report to you immediately in case they see an unusual activity going on there , such as someone trying to hide behind the bushes.

Always be alert when you are at home or on the road. Don’t act like you are carrying something precious. If you think someone is following, you try to hide in a crowd or enter a shop. These steps, if practiced regularly, can assure maximum personal security and reduced risk of burglary.

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