Using a Personal Taser for Self Defense

There is something to be said about feeling safe as you are going about your daily life. Nothing can be quite as frightening as being accosted by someone intent on hurting you or stealing your possessions. You have to take precautions and learn how to defend yourself. One way many people are choosing to defend them is with a personal taser. Tasers are small portable devices that emit an electrical discharge that will momentarily stun your attacker. This allows you the opportunity to get to safety as quick as possible and stop them from harming you.

Purchasing a Taser can be a big step in helping to keep you and your family safe, whether you are keeping your device in your home or car. However, in order to learn proper taser self defense, you should be aware of some resources to refer to, as well as community programs you may want to take advantage of.

If you visit your local police department, you may find that there are several self-defense classes being taught throughout the month, and Taser gun use may be one of the things covered in the classes. You should get a schedule from city hall for the classes, as well as check with public community centers in your area to find out when you can get the instruction you need not only for taser self defense, but to practice using physical force as a weapon as well. You will want to be as prepared as possible if you ever find yourself under attack, so knowing how to temporarily injure an assailant before using your taser is ideal.

Taser self defense can also include safety devices such as pepper spray, which you can find in a variety of forms. You can get bottles that are small enough to fit into your purse, or sprays in the form of pagers. This will intensify your taser self defense, since you may be able to get to the spray first, and will give you more time to get away from dangerous situations and notify the police.

You should also make sure that you pick up instructional videos and DVDs to learn more about taser self defense. You can order these videos online from places such as Amazon where you will find audio and video material from trained correctional officers who can tell you how to use the device and keep it disabled when not in use. You can also get specific information on certain models of Taser guns, such as how to reload the cartridges, or change the length of the wire that is used. Testimonials from other customers who have used the products are also included in the taser self defense videos, so you will be able to get first-hand information on how somebody who is untrained can learn to use the taser effectively.

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