Home Video Security Camera Systems

Professional burglars are very clever. They are always snooping around to learn everything about a house before committing a burglary. They try to find out the number of people living in the house, all security systems installed inside and outside and the time when the house is completely empty. Home video security camera systems are something thieves always try to avoid. Even if they are successful in carrying out a burglary without being caught, there is a good chance that they will be identified later on if there was a video camera monitoring the house at all times. Video surveillance cameras are now provided as a part of a complete home security package.

With latest research in the fields of wireless technology and multimedia, it is now possible to view what is going on inside your house on a cell phone. You can control the operation of your video surveillance camera; change its view or position by logging on to the Internet at a remote location.

These cameras and their associated devices, hardware as well as software are monitored by the company you purchase this equipment from. They provide you with a login and password to log on to their website and use various options available to ensure proper security.

These security systems are basically available in two types: covert and overt. Covert cameras are the ones that are hidden from normal view and no one is aware of their presence. An overt camera, on the other hand, is like the one we see in shopping malls. There is a screen associated with these cameras that is visible to us and everyone else.

A covert system comes handy when you have to hire a new person for a job inside your house. You cannot trust everyone blindly. Monitor their activities for the first few days and even weeks on a hidden camera. These cameras can be made invisible by hiding them behind paintings or installing them inside vases or other similar things. Wireless cameras can even be installed in things that are to be carried around by housekeepers or babysitters. Toys, vacuum cleaners, and TV remote controls can also act as hiding places for these cameras.  

Videos made can be stored on a PC for later investigation. In such a case a cable is provided to easily connect the device with the computer system and transfer images and videos to the PC. Newer systems now make use of body heat to detect movement and even form a basic human figure by using infrared receptors and thermal imaging. These systems can trigger an alarm if they detect unusual movement or an activity which can be perceived as theft or shoplifting.

Video cameras can be installed in the driveway to see who enters your house and whether to allow them in or not. Similarly, gates can be opened only after seeing a familiar face on the camera by pressing a button on the remote control. All these systems are not very common and a little bit more expensive than older security systems, but they are very effective in terms of providing maximum home security, especially when you are not at home.

Price of video surveillance systems depend on the technology and the number of functions provided by each device. Latest systems come with a do-it-yourself instructions manual to help you install them yourself without any difficulty. Proper, long-term maintenance is provided by the company. Don’t forget to check out the latest systems in this category.

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