What is the Allure of Hot Tubs

It seems that everybody wants an in home hot tub these days although to be honest, when you look at it, it is kind of confusing as to why. Home hot tubs are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, and for what gain? To sit in a big pool of heated water that has a few massaging heads? If that is all one wants, a bath tub is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a hot tub. So there must be some kind of pull for people to want to buy a hot tub....but what is it? There are many possibilities, of course, but I believe they can be narrowed down to two things.

The first thing is media representation. Whenever we see movies that have highly paid, highly skilled people as characters, we almost inevitably see them in their own hot tub, sipping fancy drinks, with an attractive member of the opposite gender on their arm. This presents an allure that's difficult to say no to.

After all, everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to be well paid. Everyone wants to have an attractive member of the gender of their choice hanging from their arm. However, if those three things are difficult to get, well, a hot tub can be easily purchased from one of several stores that are no doubt close to your home.

There is some unconscious hope that, upon having one piece of the puzzle, the other pieces will quickly fall into place. While people generally do not think this way consciously, and I doubt there is a big Hollywood conspiracy to make people buy hot tubs, it is hard to deny that this message of success and happiness is what comes with the vision of a hot tub.

The other reason comes from, but is still separate from, the first reason. It is the standard "keeping up with the neighbor" scenario. A neighbor, often fairly well off but not necessarily so, will purchase something. Be it a new car, a new wing to their house, or a hot tub, and suddenly, you want one of the same things so that you can be “as good as” them. Perhaps you even purchase a better item, to show that you are somehow better than the neighbor. Again, while I do not feel that people do this consciously, it has been well documented how easily human being's fall prey to jealousy.

Does the fact that the allure of hot tubs comes from what most people consider negative reactions mean that hot tubs are bad - not at all. In fact, despite the "logical" reasoning behind not getting one, hot tubs can be very therapeutic.

Pretty scenery, combined with the water jet massage and warm water, can make for a most relaxing time. But that does not change the fact that the allure of hot tubs tends to come from want, rather than logical need. Good, bad, or otherwise.