Wood Fiberglass or Acrylic Hot Tub

So, you have begun taking steps to purchase a new hot tub. You have set aside about six thousand dollars, which is the average cost of a hot tub. You have looked at your yearly income and budget, and set aside extra money for chemicals and cleaners. So now, you are going to the hot tub store, and you realize something. Aside from the normal "which brand should I buy" problem, you have also got a choice you hadn't considered! There are two basic kinds of hot tubs - wood hot tubs, and fiberglass or acrylic hot tubs. The problem that crops up, of course, is which one to purchase. What are the pros and the cons of either one?

A wooden hot tub is made of wood, generally wooden planks much like a barrel. The design of the hot tub is what allows it to hold the water in. Wooden hot tubs can be made with pumps and air jets, as well as any other type of hot tub. They normally come with a few wooden benches on which to sit, as well.

Fiberglass or acrylic hot tubs are made out of either fiberglass or acrylic plastics. The plastic is molded into the proper shape, which is then set into an outer shell made either of plastic or possibly of wood. The acrylic hot tubs are what most people are familiar with when they think of hot tubs.

So, what is the difference between the two? The difference is little more than personal preference. Both wooden and acrylic hot tubs need to be cleaned on a regular basis, although the chemicals used are different. Also, acrylic hot tubs are slightly more resistant to chemical degradation, which is helpful if you should accidentally add too much cleaner or sanitizer. However, wooden hot tubs are generally deeper, averaging about thirty six to forty eight inches deep. Acrylic hot tubs tend to be between thirty-two and thirty six inches deep, designed for ease of shipping.

Since the difference between the two is largely academic, you should feel free to purchase one or the other based on nothing more than which one you think looks nicer. If you enjoy the hip, new age look of acrylic hot tubs, then go for it! Or, if you instead prefer the rustic, traditional look of a wooden hot tub, get one of those instead! There's no "better" or "worse" to get in the way of your desire for the prettiest hot tub on the block!