Hard Hot Tub Covers - Rigid Hot Tub Covers for Safety

When you first get into your new hot tub, it is easy to lose yourself in the blissful bubbling heat that pampers your aching body relieving it of its stress, tensions and enhancing the healing of hurtful ailments. However, after that initial enjoyment of your hot tub fades, the reality of maintenance rears its ugly head.

A hot tub cover protects your spa from the elements of nature and decreases safety concerns. When choosing a specific cover, it is important that your choice is based on the needs of your particular circumstances such as ease of use, safety, maintenance and aesthetics.

Types of Hot Tub Cover

There are many different varieities of hot tub covers available.

  • Insulating Covers - These help keep the water temperature maintained even if the hot tub is not on, thereby saving energy costs.
  • Aluminum Spa Covers - As well as being very sturdy, these are also ideal for cold climates where snow may be piled on top of the hot tub.
  • Hot Tub Roll Covers - These will add a decorative element to the hot tub and are convenient to set in place and remove from the hot tub.
  • Tonneau Covers - Similar to a tarp, these inexpensive fabric coverings clip onto the side of the hot tub preventing leaves and other debris getting inside.

Hot Tub Cover Safety Needs

Depending on your safety requirements, you should choose the type of cover based on your family's needs. For instance, if you have children, a hard insulated fabric cover or aluminum cover would be perfect. Although both of these models cost more than the other types of covers, they both lend themselves to the the most flexibility. Because of the insulating properties of both covers, the long term savings in energy bills will be worth the added initial expense.

For highest protection for children and pets, avoid the Tonneau cover, which may take on water if weight falls on it. For the ultimate in safety, build a fence with a gate around it, just like you would do with a swimming pool. Make a point of knowing of what goes on out there at all times.

Hot Tub Cover Maintenance Needs

If keeping the hot tub free from debris is your primary concern, any of the covers will work. They thoroughly cover the hot tub keeping out twigs, leaves, flowers and other trash blown around in the wind. All of the covers will be sufficient for this usage, so you can choose the one you want based on safety and how the cover looks in your home or backyard.

Hot Tub Cover Budget Needs

Although safety should be your priamry concern, budget is also a consideration. While insulating covers and aluminum covers are the most expensive, it is also possible to find models that are thinner and less sturdy for a lower price. Next rung down on the ladder are rolling covers which are a mid range price hot tub cover. If you really need to save money, the Tonneau cover is the least expensive of the lot. While it is not recommended for the highest hot tub safety, it will do the job of protecting the hot tub from outside debris.

At the end of the day, choosing a hot tub cover should be based on the best combination of your requiements in terms of safety, hot tub protection and your budget. Talk with your hot tub dealer to decide which cover will best suit your needs. Choosing a spa cover will save you time with maintenance and also offer safety of your hot tub.