Soaking Hot Tubs - Water Jet Massage

Hot tubs are great for relaxation and soothing tired, aching muscles. For those that have suffered an injury such as a pulled muscle or just plain old backache, soaking hot tubs can also be of great help in managing the pain. Jets target particular areas of the back, massaging the painful region with buffeting water. The muscles loosen and relax, easing the tension in the back and providing a healthy way to decrease the pain. The need for muscle relaxants and pain medications may, as a result, decrease. Not only is the back pain lessened, it is done so in a completely natural non toxic manner.

Recently, studies were conducted on hot tub therapy for people experiencing back pain. Conducted over three weeks of consistent therapy in a hot tub or spa, one group relied only on medications to control their back pain. whilst the treatment group received warm water hydrotherapy.

Before and after examinations took into account such things as pain duration, intensity of the pain and the flexibility of the back. The studies revealed that those who used hot tubs regularly showed a marked improvement over the medication only group. After six months, there was even more improvement in the group using hot tub therapy. Equally important, their use of analgesics and anti inflammatory drugs had also decreased substantially.

Studies like this prove what many already believe in that hot tubs relax muscles, loosening them up to relieve symptoms of back pain. Not surprisingly, taking the warm water hydrotherapy a step further, exercising in a hot tub or spa also is very beneficial to people who have back pain.

The warmth of the hot tub water coupled with the buoyancy of the water allows for a low impact routine of exercise and stretching. As for those arthritis sufferers, starting off a regular routine of morning exercises and nighttime relaxation can also bring great relief.

Generally, recommendations include twice daily hot tub sessions lasting about thirty minutes each. This is typically done first thing in the morning to loosen up muscles and get in that important gentle exercise. At the end of the day, follow up with water massage in the hot tub to relax spasms and improve sleep. Done regularly, over time the back pain decreases.

A visit with the family doctor should always the first port of call for those having chronic or severe back pain. This is especially true if any type of prescription or over the counter medications are being used to help manage the pain or decrease swelling.

Your doctor will determine how often to soak in the hot tub or spa and at what temperature. They may also suggest exercises or stretches to do in the hot tub. There may be restrictions placed on the temperature or the time allowed in the tub when medications are being used, because certain medications react adversely to the heat.

Pain relief is improved by taking charge. Finding a cooperative doctor, establishing the best exercise routines and judicious use of the hot tub will bring about respite in a relatively short time. Continuing in the routine helps heal the strained or hurting muscles, working out the discomfort, maybe even completely.