Hot Tub Installation Ideas - Hot Tub Privacy

Once you have decided to invest in a hot tub for your home, your first priority should be to decide exactly where you are going to put it. You should take a careful look at your yard or garden to see exactly what space you have available. As some hot tubs can be quite large, it is important that you take accurate measurements and also ensure that you can get it into your space without having to knock down fences or walls.

Take all of your measurements with you when you go to pick your ideal hot tub and always double check that it will fit in the space that has been allocated for it.

The majority of people tend to install their spa as close to the entrance of their home as possible. This makes it easier to get in and out of and also to dry off quickly. This is especially nice if it is a cold evening, and you want to stay warm.

If you have a concrete or slab patio outside the back door, this an ideal location as it is recommended to keep the tub level and on a stable surface.

A location near to the back door is also ideal as it allows easy access for utilities and maintenance. Additionally, it also has fast access in and out when the weather is freezing and where you might otherwise procrastinate if you had to cross the yard to get to it.

Privacy is another consideration when deciding on placement of your hot tub. After all, nobody wants neighbors or their children peeking over the fence to see what is going on in the hot tub or spa. The whole idea of having a hot tub was for relaxing, so the last thing you want is to get into a conversation with your next door neighbor.

Although many people choose to build an enclosure around the hot tub, it is also possible to use your landscaping, the trees, shrubs and hanging baskets to achieve a level of privacy while creating a lovely ambiance.

If you are lucky enough to live in a house with a yard or garden that provides a scenic view, this may well be a great place to put the spa. Overlooking the city gives you great panorama of the lights at night. A water view, such as a lake, river or sea, enhances and reflects your hot tub experience. Placement for views may also afford additional privacy.

Take into account where people will change when using your spa or hot tub. If it is a long walk from your hot tub to the house, some form of walkway or stepping stones will be needed. This requires extra planning and room in your landscape.

Choosing a good location certainly adds to the enjoyment of your hot tub. You do not want to site it in a location that is too cramped or in an area where you have to walk over gardens or hard rocks to get to it. To test different locations, put on your swimsuit, flip flops and carrying a towel, walk between your home and the various locations that you have in mind for your new hot tub and check for convenience of access.

By taking the time to carefully plan every aspect of your new hot tub's installation, you will avoid wishing you had placed that eight hundred pound appliance somewhere else. Having it where you want it keeps you from having to work your home and yard around the hot tub.