Hot Tub Jets - Hot Tub Pumps

The jets in the hot tub enable it to be used for massages ranging from brisk and powerful to soothing or, if you prefer, for a relaxing soak. You will find it helpful to learn about hot tub jets and hot tub pumps to help you find the spa that fits your needs.

The purpose of the jets in a hot tub is both to provide a massaging movement of the water and also to move the water through a filter. Some of the first wooden hot tubs had only one jet. With modern advances, today's hot tubs can have 100 or more jets. The type of jet; directional, mini, swirl, pulsing, whirlpool, volcano, moving, massage, shoulder/neck and pillow determines the different ways your hot tub can be used and which parts of the body are effected

You may want to combine a neck massage with a soothing soak or you might want swirling water with a pulse against the small of your back. The more varied hot tub jets you have, the greater your choices of how you use your tub. It is the size of the jet that controls the pressure, a larger jet, firmer pressure. Most jets have venture air injection. This mixes air with the water and gives a feeling of more power from the jets.

Once you have narrowed down your choices of hot tub, be sure to take along a swimsuit and towel to try out the tub with water in it. Sitting in a dry tub is not a good indication of how it will feel when it is in use. Try out the various settings to see if the jets "fit." A jet that is for the shoulder/neck will not help that area on you if it hits you in the middle of the back.

The increasing number of jets used in a hot tub or spa has caused the use of more than one pump to become more common. More jets and two pumps allow more flexibility in the way your hot tub feels. You may even run just one pump if your large hot tub is not being used to its full guest capacity. It may seem that the more horsepower, the better a pump it would perform. This is not necessarily true.

There is a variation in how dealers label the horsepower of hot tub pumps. A pump may be capable of delivering eight horsepower when it is idling, but only deliver one horsepower when it is working. If the horsepower is measured when the pump is started up, it could be labeled with greater horsepower than it actually delivers. In addition to variation in horsepower labeling, there is a different in how a pump is rated.

You may wish to research hot tub and spa pumps and jets further to help with your hot tub shopping. Once you have narrowed down your choices, be sure to take along that swimsuit and towel and try out the tub with a "wet run." As with any other major purchase, you should be sure to buy from a reputable dealer.