Home Hot Tub Prices

So, you really want a hot tub. I certainly do not blame you since they are wonderful for so many reasons. However, getting a hot tub is a big commitment that requires a good amount of planning and it is not a purchase you want to rush into. So what is the first thing you should look at if you are going to buy a hot tub. You are probably going to want to get an idea of home hot tub prices.

These can range anywhere from a thousand dollars through to tens of thousands of dollars. So no doubt, if you are really dedicated to buying spa, you will find one to suit your budget. Average home hot tub prices tend to be in the region of six thousand dollars. That being the case, what does that sort of money get you.

Most places tend to sell the fiberglass hot tubs, which are easier to manufacture and ship. How hot tubs are insulated depends on the manufacturer, and while every manufacturer claims their own method is the best, there are very few third party comparisons. Asking the sales clerk at the shop will generally give you a good idea of the differences in insulation.

The other two changeable components to a hot tub are the pump, and the air jets.

Pumps run, on average, a hundred and fifty dollars, while air jets can run anywhere from twenty to two hundred, depending on the make and model. Pumps are used to cycle the water through the filtration system, thus keeping the hot tub water fresh. The more pumps you have, the quicker this water can cycle through the filtration system. While you can get a large number of pumps, usually only one or two are needed for even the largest of hot tubs.

Air jets, however, are another story entirely. Air jets shoot air through a hole, thus giving a hot tub that "bubbly" appearance, as well as adding to the massaging aspect of hot tub water. More air jets mean more air shooting through the water, which means more bubbles running against your body. The higher end air jet models even have the ability to adjust each individual jet's flow, so that one air jet may be shooting air very quickly, while another may be doing it slowly.

The type, and amount, of pumps and air jets can increase or decrease the cost of a hot tub. On average, however, a hot tub will have between five and nine air jets, and one or two pumps depending on the size.

So, on average, that is what your six thousand dollars worth of hot tub will get you. All in all, it's not a bad price for such a relaxing toy. Nothing is better, in my opinion, than sitting out in your back yard, feeling the warm water wash over and massage you, and enjoying the scenery. I think that amount of relaxation is completely worth the six thousand bucks.