Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cover - Hot Tub Replacement Cover

If you are to believe all the glossy brochures and television ads, you would not be far wrong in thinking that those beautiful hot tubs ensconced in idealic garden settings stayed like that forever. The truth is however that hot tubs require a lot of maintenance to keep them both clean and safe. By adding a jacuzzi hot tub cover, you cover a lot more than just the tub.

Leaves and trash blowing around in the wind may all infiltrate the formerly pristine waters causing more hot tub maintenance and hassle for you. However, it does not have to be this way as a hot tub cover will not only keep the trash out, but also reduce your cleaning time and make it a lot safer from a health standpoint and much more pleasant.

An open hot tub can pose a significant danger of accidental drowning to children, pets and even adults. When you consider that there is no shallow end to this steaming pool, both children and pets could fall in and be unable to get out. In this scenario, a jacuzzi hot tub cover could literally save lives.

A hot tub or spa cover should be strong enough to sustain the weight of both nature and anybody that may fall against it. There are numerous types of covers available and it pays to do some initial research to ensure that you purchase the right cover for your particular hot tub.

Although costing more initially, insulating spa covers help retain the heat of the tub, even when it is not in use. Consequently, the hot tub works less to heat the water to the desired temperature, thus saving energy costs. Those savings will offset the higher cost of the cover which could lead to the cover paying for itself in around six months. Insulating spa covers are designed to be both sturdy and long lasting.

An attractive and easy to use option are rolling hot tub covers. These are made of foam and have slats at intervals across the cover which blend in well with your hot tub and it's surrounding decking. As the name suggests, you simply roll it up when you want to use the hot tub and unroll it when you want the cover back on. It provides an attractive and decorative addition to any hot tub.

Aluminum hot tub covers are the ultimate as far as safety and strength are concerned. Not only do they stand up to wear and tear, they are also very difficult to damage. An aluminium hot tub cover will stand up to heavy weight pressures such as that caused by snow accumulation without bowing or buckling in the middle.

Similar to a tarp, a Tonneau cover stretches over the hot tub and attaches to the sides providing protection only against lightweight debris such as trash and leaves. However, it is certainly no protection in respect of pet or human safety. It can and will bow in and take on water, assuming it does not collapse completely under the weight. Although a lot less expensive and an ideal option for the budget conscious, a Tonneau cover should be thought of as a throw for your hot tub - looks good and keeps the dirt and debris out, but that is about it. It is a good alternative provided that you do not have children or pets around.