Hot Tubs - Natural Sleep Enhancers

If you have problems with sleeping at night, you may find that you can benefit greatly from the use of a hot tub before going to bed. According to a recent survey, over one hundred million people in the US alone have some type of difficulty sleeping. Some of the reasons for this are simply due to modern life. Society of today is filled with long work hours, stress, and numerous other activities. It is no wonder that so many people have problems falling asleep. Imagine a relaxing soak in your hot tub followed by good night's sleep - sounds good doesn't it.

Sleep research has shown that a having a regular evening routine and bedtime rituals are the best way to having a restful night's sleep. Studies have also found that relaxing in a warm bath or hot tub can promote restful sleep.

There are several theories as to why this is true with some believing that the warm water of the tub encourages the body temperature to drop. This is a natural indication that it is time to sleep. Others believe the buoyancy of the water relaxes the body to the state where it is ready for sleep.

Another popular theory is that soaking in a hot tub before bed relaxes the body and relieves the stress of the day. The likelihood, however, is that it is a combination of all three theories.

Most people like the idea of using a hot tub for help with sleeping because it provides a natural remedy. A soak in the spa does not have the risks associated with it that medications or herbal remedies may have. It is far more natural to spend some time soaking in a relaxing hot tub rather than popping a couple of pills to help you sleep.

There are a few things you should be aware of if you are going to use hot tub to help you with getting to sleep. Excessive alcohol can counteract the positive effect of the hot tub. If you are having trouble sleeping, alcohol is not recommended as an aid to restful sleep. Also, alcohol can make you dehydrated, which is exacerbated by the heat of the water in the spa.

You should allow enough time before sleep when you get out of the tub to allow your body to cool off a bit and still be relaxed. This will enable you to go to sleep more quickly and fall into a deeper sleep. Try to avoid excitement or stress between soaking in the hot tub and getting to sleep.

Many people say that a relaxing bath or time in the hot tub helps them get to sleep more quickly and also have more restful sleep. Recent studies have shown that people who have a sleeping disorder see an improvement when using a hot tub before bed.

Using a hot tub is a very natural way to induce sleep. If you continue to have difficulty sleeping after using your hot tub before bed, you should see your doctor to determine if there is an underlying medical reason for your inability to get a good night's sleep.