What is the Best Hot Tub to Buy

If you have had a long hard day at work, what better way to unwind, than to come home and jump into your very own hot tub. Not only are hot tubs a great way to relax, they are also very beneficial for various medical conditions and/or injuries. Although having your own hot tub can be very convenient, there are many different types, shapes and sizes of spa available and it is important that you choose the right one to suit your particular requirements and available space. So, what is the best hot tub to buy and how do you go about choosing.

One of your first choices will be to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor hot tub. An indoor hot tub is very similar to regular bathtubs and are sometimes referred to as whirlpool baths or Jacuzzis. They are normally fitted into a bathroom and are made of fiberglass. They are filled with water each time that you want to use them and than drained when your soaking is complete.

Due to space restraints of a standard size bathroom, the majority of indoor hot tubs are limited in size and will only hold one or two people. Despite that, everything else that you would expect from a good hot tub is there including jet options to concentrate water sprays to various parts of the body for a soothing water massage.

As well as coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, indoor hot tubs are available in various colors to match the decor in your bathroom. They also come in a variety of seat types including ones you can lounge all the way back in or round, deep tubs to sink into.

Just imagine how relaxing and enjoyable it would be to sink into your very own hot tub after a hard day. With the addition of some scented candles or soft lighting together with soothing music or nature sounds in the background, you could quite easily create your very own mini vacation right in your own home.

Outdoor hot tubs come in a variety of styles and are either round or octagon in shape. The hot tub itself is quite often made of wood and typically has some form of decking surrounding it when installed outside. A standard Jacuzzi quite often comes with a bench all the way around it or there are even some models that have reclining chairs fitted as standard. To add to the relaxing benefits and ambiance, jets and waterfalls are also features that can come with the hot tub.

If you want the best of both worlds and have the space to accommodate one, a pool spa can be used for both swimming and relaxation pleasure. The separate spa has heated water and is attached to the larger area pool which allows for swimming and exercise. Once you have finished exercising and swimming in the pool you can then jump back into the hot tub to warm up and relax your muscles after the invigorating workout.

It is important to decide if you prefer an indoor or outdoor version taking into account the space that you have available and also what you will be using it for. Once you have come to your decision, do a "dry run" at your chosen dealership on all the types available and then research the best makes and models. If you have any questions or concerns, your dealer will be able to assist in helping you decide on the best hot tub to buy to suit your requirements.