Above Ground Hot Tub vs In Ground Hot Tub Spa

So, you are finally ready to buy a hot tub. you have figured out how much money you need, both for the initial purchase, and continued upkeep. You have found a good spot to place your hot tub. You have decided which you think looks nicer, wooden or acrylic. Then the sales clerk asks you a question you had not prepared for - above ground hot tub or in ground hot tub spa. Your world is turned upside down! You had not prepared for such a situation! Which one should you choose. Thankfully, the two options are not that difficult to choose from.

Above ground hot tubs are large pools that sit on the ground. All of the equipment is built around the tub and also sits at ground level. In ground hot tubs are built into the ground and are designed so that the equipment can also be situated below ground, as well. So what are the pros and cons of each one.

Well, above ground hot tubs are generally cheaper. They do not require a large amount of landscaping, or ditch digging, to set up. The people simply deliver your hot tub, set the base, set up the pool, hook up the pumps and filters, and call it a day. it is quick, and you can enjoy your hot tub almost immediately. The downside, however, is that an above ground hot tub tends to look a bit tacky if left as is. Generally, one will want to build a deck around it, and set up some amount of foliage to make the area look nice and relaxing.

An in ground hot tub spa tends to be a bit more expensive than above ground hot tubs as the set up is generally more involved. Instead of simply setting up the tub and calling it a day, it involves digging into the ground deeply enough to set up the tub. Below ground hot tubs tend to be made of concrete, as most other hot tub materials tend to degrade over time while submerged in the ground.

Clearly, a below ground hot tub is an involved process. In addition, should you feel the need to move, it is pretty much impossible to bring a below ground hot tub with you. The upside, however, is that below ground hot tubs require less work to look nice. Instead of having to build a deck, it requires little more than surrounding the area with a few choice plants. Below ground hot tubs can also actually increase the over all value of your property by a lot more than the initial purchase. So it is something of a hedge against inflation.

Clearly, the above ground vs.in ground question is an involved one. However, it mostly boils down to personal preference. Which one do you find more attractive: a nice deck with an above-ground hot tub, or a nice area of plants with a below-ground hot tub. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.