Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure

Who would not enjoy relaxing in a hot tub either alone or with friends or family after a long hard day at work. Many apartments have public spas and pools for their residents use. Or you can go to a spa for a day of pampering and relaxation. But what better way to relax than to go into your garden and sink into your very own outdoor hot tub. It provides all the benefit of having a hot tub with the added luxury of being surrounded by nature.

To create the ultimate outdoor retreat, your site layout should radiate a peaceful ambiance. Nestle your hot tub within your garden enclosed in beauty and privacy. Carefully place lighting, plants, fences, structures and of course, the hot tub. Professionals can assist you with the details.

If you are buying a new hot tub, your dealer can come to your house to help select the location. This professional will also recommend the additions that will be needed to enhance your garden spa experience. The first matter, though, is to choose the exact hot tub or Jacuzzi you want.

Take into account the number of people the hot tub may accommodate. If you like to entertain and envision hot tub parties, you may want to go with one that can comfortably seat four, six or even eight. If, however, you simply want an intimate place for you and your loved one to relax after a hard day, a hot tub for two will as comfortable but less expensive.

Spend some time in the showroom, peruse many brochures and check the Internet for images and descriptions of features you want. Your experienced spa dealer can guide you within the parameters of what will work in your garden. You may want lounge seats in the tub, several different jets or even a waterfall for an added bit of ambiance.

A well-designed deck is needed to border the hot tub. This gives you an area in which to comfortably walk and supports the spa itself. Choose a decking that will be cool on your feet when you get out. The non-skid surface also prevents dripping feet from injury by slipping or aggravating an existing injury with a fall.

Plants, including flowers, shrubs and hanging plants, add to the calming environment of the garden spa. The hot tub, in this setting, becomes even more aesthetically pleasing and enhances a sense of ease. Carefully placed plants deal with privacy issues. A well-designed landscape with fencing also blocks public access to the hot tub and prevents trespassing. It provides an attractive screen concealing the various pumps, filters, water and electrical connections needed to run and service your hot tub.

As time passes, your garden will mature enclosing your hot tub as a natural part of your overall design. Even new, while all the plants are young, you will enjoy being in the hot tub gazing at the stars, taking pleasure in friends and being calmed and soothed by the steaming waters.

Eaton 50-Amp Main Lug Indoor/Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Enclosure Load Circuit Center

Eaton 50-Amp Main Lug Indoor/Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Enclosure Load Circuit Center

Price: $89.11

Bamboo Spa Hot Tub Enclosure 9' x 9' Cogon Roof TIKI

Bamboo Spa Hot Tub Enclosure 9' x 9' Cogon Roof TIKI

Price: $3,698.00