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  • Home Hot Tubs - Who Invented the Hot Tub. Contrary to popular belief, hot tubs are not a modern American invention and have literally been around for hundreds of years in one form or the other.
  • Buying a Hot Tub. Although it may seem a relatively simple task, buying a home hot tub is perhaps easier said than done, especially if you have never owned one previously
  • What is the Allure of Hot Tubs. Do folks simply want a home hot tub to be able to sit in a big pool of heated water that has a few massaging heads or is there some other attraction
  • What is the Best Hot Tub to Buy - There are many different types, shapes and sizes of spa available and it is important that you choose the right one to suit your needs and available space
  • Best Quality Hot Tubs - Best Hot Tub to Purchase - The many types of jacuzzis and soaking tubs on the market suit indoor, outdoor, above or in ground installations and numerous water systems
  • Home hot tub prices can range anywhere from a thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The average cost, however, is about six thousand but what do you get for that sort of money
  • Above Ground Hot Tub - In Ground Hot Tub Spa. An In ground hot tub is built into the ground while an above ground hot tub is a large pool that sit on the ground
  • Wood Fiberglass or Acrylic Hot Tub. There are two basic types of hot tub made from either wood fiberglass or acrylic but what are the pros and cons of each type
  • Hot Tub Pool. A swimming pool hot tub combination can equal fun for the whole family, since you may be able to install a pool with a small hot tub attached to it
  • Hot tub spas are large manufactured tubs or small pools that offer hot, relaxing water to soothe stress and multiple jets to melt away the worries of the day
  • Monsoon hot tubs are designed with the most demanding of consumer in mind and include state of the art controls, as well as numerous hydrotherapy massage water jets
  • Outdoor hot tubs provide all the benefits of having your own spa with the added luxury of being able to relax in your own back garden surrounded by nature
  • For anybody wanting a hot tub but not wanting the hassle of maintaining it, a portable hot tub spa is the ideal solution - Fill it up, plug it in and you are ready to soak your cares away
  • Hot Tub Jets - Hot Tub Pumps. The jets in the hot tub enable it to be used for massages ranging from brisk and powerful to soothing or, if you prefer, for a relaxing soak
  • While hot tub installation should not be undertaken lightly, if you are an experienced diyer and have confidence in your own abilities, you are well placed to fit your own spa
  • Where to Put a Hot Tub. Hot tubs are amazing relaxation devices, as well as being great for heat therapy. However, one thing you will have to consider is where to put it - inside or outside
  • How to Install a Hot Tub. Although hot tub installation should be a breeze to the above average diy'er, it still requires a lot of planning and needs to adhere to all safety and planning codes
  • Outdoor Hot Tub Enclosure. What better way to relax than to go into your garden and sink into your very own outdoor hot tub while surrounding yourself with nature
  • Hot tub spa enclosures offer a variety of important functions such as safety, storage, comfort and protection to enhance the pleasure you get from your hot tub spa
  • Hot Tub Installation Ideas - Hot Tub Privacy - Privacy is another consideration when deciding on placement of your hot tub. After all, nobody wants neighbors or their children peeking over the fence
  • Covers for Hot Tubs. Hot tub covers serve many purposes ranging from keeping garden debris out of the water through to reducing the risk of accidental drowning
  • Jacuzzi Hot Tub Cover - Hot Tub Replacement Cover. An open hot tub can pose a significant danger of accidental drowning to children, pets and even adults
  • The best hot tub spa cover can be the difference between a minor and major yearly increase in energy usage as well as decreasing the time you spend cleaning debris from your hot tub
  • Hard Hot Tub Covers - Rigid Hot Tub Covers for Safety. A hot tub cover protects your spa from the elements of nature and decreases safety concerns, especially if you have young children
  • Replacement Hot Tub Covers. Hot tub covers are available in different forms with many features in order to ensure the most effective protection for your spa
  • Hot tub cover lifters are mechanical devices that attach to the side of your hot tub cabinet to enable easy removal of the cover.
  • Hot Tub Health. As well as being used for soaking and relaxation, hot tubs offer the health benefits of hydrotherapy which refers to water therapies using jets and underwater massage
  • Therapeutic Hot Tubs - One of the major uses of a hot tub is for hydro therapy, which refers to the use of water for healing purposes. Chromatherapy is another type of therapy that has ...
  • Soaking Hot Tubs - Water Jet Massage. Hot tubs are great for relaxation and soothing tired, aching muscles, pulled muscles or just plain old backache
  • Hot Tub Hydro Therapy - Arthritis Treatment by Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is probably one of the oldest forms of natural medical treatment and involves the use of water for relieving joint pain
  • Hot Tub Health - Natural Cures for Diabetes. Have you heard about the great news that soaking in a hot tub cures diabetes. However, don't go trashing your diet just yet
  • Hot Tubs - Natural Sleep Enhancers. If you have problems with sleeping at night, you may find that you can benefit greatly from the use of a hot tub before going to bed.
  • Hot Tub Aromatherapy is a wonderful way to enhance your spa experience while offering proven therapeutic benefits such as natural remedies for aches, pains and muscle tension.
  • Hot Tub Health Issues - Hot Tub Health Risk. If your hot tub is properly maintained and used, you will benefit from many enhancements to your health in addition to relaxation and tension relief
  • Hot Tub and Sauna. While it is true that both a hot tub and sauna are heat related, relaxing, and good for your health, the similarities between the two really end there
  • Hot Tub Fun - Group Hot Tub. Your spa or hot tub brings everyone together, really close together. Much like the dinner table, you circle the edge of the hot tub facing inward making eye contact
  • Hot Tub Rules - Hot Tub Safety. Hot tubs pose some of the same risks as swimming pools, as well as having their own dangers. There are some hot tub rules that everyone should be aware of .
  • Hot tub rules for children are important in order for them to understand exactly what they can and cannot do in and around your home hot tub and spa
  • Child Safety Around Home Hot Tubs. Whilst nothing is one hundred percent safe, several basic yet practical, things can be done in order to ensure child safety around home hot tubs and spas
  • Although hot tub spa maintenance may seem a little daunting at first, it really only takes a few minutes each day and is well worth the effort to ensure many years of trouble free use
  • Basic Hot Tub Care. Learning basic care of your hot tub is not that difficult and it will prevent your hot tub becomeing little more than a two thousand dollar swamp
  • Hot Tub Care - Hot Tub Maintenance - In order that you can enjoy many trouble free years from your hot tub, it is essential that maintenance is carried out on a regular basis
  • Hot Tub Water Care - Hot Tub Water Maintenance. There may come a time when the water in your spa or Jacuzzi is not looking quite as clear and sparkling as it used to
  • Hot tub filters are part of the water filtration process, and keeping them clean is vitally important if you are to maintain good water quality.
  • There are several hot tub chemicals, such as bromine and chlorine, which will clean and sanitize the water in your spa, removing any build up of bacteria that could result in infection
  • An advantage of using hot tub ozonators to purify the water in your spa is that you will use a lot less defoamer, sanitizer and water clarifier chemicals which is healthier for your skin and eyes
  • Hot tub pumps are the part that circulates the water in your hot tub or spa. However, as the tub gets older, the pump is most often the first part to break down
  • How to Winterize a Hot Tub. To everyone who has a hot tub in parts of the country where it gets to freezing and below temperatures, a specific problem occurs annually