Hot Tub Spa Enclosures

An outdoor hot tub spa is a wonderful investment if you get the use and enjoyment out of it throughout the year. Unfortunately, most folks only tend to use their hot tub when the weather permits, preferring to winterize it during the fall and winter months. As a result, it sits unused out in the back yard for four or five months like an expensive ornament. However, it need not be that way since a hot tub spa enclosure will allow you to benefit from many more nights in your spa without concern that the weather will put a damper on your relaxing soak.

Hot tub spa enclosures come in an assortment of sizes, styles and materials, so you will want to do your homework before making the move to purchase one of these structures. As well as protection from the elements, a hot tub enclosure for your spa can combine many other practical purposes.

If you decide on a closed model that includes a locking door and windows, you increase your security against intruders as well as providing an important safety feature for young children.

Just as you would put a fence around a swimming pool, you should always have some form of enclosure around your hot tub spa to keep little ones out when you are not on hand to supervise them. In addition, it is a good way to control use by teenagers, since you most likely do not want your teens gathering in your spa with friends with no adequate supervision.

Hot tub spa enclosures can also offer storage facilities for chemicals and other hot tub accessories. If you decide on a slightly larger hot tub enclosure, you can provide your spa with additional seating for those who are waiting for a turn in the water. You can even bring in elements such as places to store towels and keep drinks if you so wish.

As you are planning the elements of your hot tub enclosure, lighting your spa should be one of your top priorities. Lighting will make it safer for getting into and out of your spa at night, and provide a warm atmosphere for soaking. Stay away from harsh, bright lights, and look instead for softer lighting options. Some folks will install fiber optic lighting to their hot tub enclosures to give the area a warm and inviting feeling.

Hot tub spa enclosures offer a variety of important functions such as safety, storage, comfort and protection. Spend some time shopping through all of your selections to come up with the best choice for your hot tub enclosure and the pleasure you get from your spa will be greatly enhanced.

Eaton 50-Amp Main Lug Indoor/Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Enclosure Load Circuit Center

Eaton 50-Amp Main Lug Indoor/Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Enclosure Load Circuit Center

Price: $89.11

Bamboo Spa Hot Tub Enclosure 9' x 9' Cogon Roof TIKI

Bamboo Spa Hot Tub Enclosure 9' x 9' Cogon Roof TIKI

Price: $3,698.00