Therapeutic Hot Tubs - Hydro Therapy - Chromatherapy

One of the major uses of a hot tub is for hydro therapy, which refers to the use of water for healing purposes. The popularity of scented candles has made aromatherapy a household word. But have you heard of Reflexology, Chromatherapy and Watsu? Did you know that you can use your hot tub to perform all of these therapies.

Aromatherapy has been fused with hydrotherapy to help you more fully relax in your hot tub. Scented filters compatible with the chemicals in hot tub water have been developed. These filters can be dropped directly into your spa. The filters have been made from in an array of scents including lavender for relaxation, soothing eucalyptus, and lemon to uplift the senses and clear the mind. Bath salts, which usually contain Epsom salt, are available to use in your spa to help ease aching muscles.

Reflexology, which has been round for over five thousand years, has been used by the Chinese, Greeks, Romans and Japanese. Combining the warm heat of the hot tub with this therapy enhances its effectiveness. Reflexology is largely based on channeling negative energies out of your body and channeling in positive energies.

This not so well known therapy is used to help loosen calcium deposits that build up on bones and joints and cause serious pain as well as limit the joint's range of motion. It also helps clear nerve pathways and restore feeling to arms and legs. Using the principals of Reflexology, the jets in the hot tub are targeted to pressure points that coincide with relaxation.

Chromatherapy is another type of therapy that has been around for centuries. This therapy focuses on using colors to stimulate various moods. Red stimulates the feelings of passion and desire while green stimulates a feeling of satisfaction. Blue is most often used because it is believed to stimulate feeling of peace.

Violet is used for feelings of intimacy, and turquoise or teal is used promote logical feelings. Finally, purple is believed to stimulate a person's creative and artistic sides. You can use Chromatherapy in your hot tub by surrounding yourself with colored lights or with images in a particular color.

You may have heard of the Japanese massage technique called Shiatsu. Watsu is a combination of water massage and Shiatsu as well as Chi, an energy based form of stretching. Watsu calls for having stretches and massage done in warm water heated to a little under one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. An adjusted hot tub meets this need. The therapy performed while being supported in the water by a Watsu therapist.

These are a sampling of the variety of therapies that can be used in a hot tub to lead you to a more pain free, relaxed life and help keep up your energy. These therapies can help you to relax muscles, ease aches and pains, help you get a good night's sleep, and sooth both body and mind. However, you need to find the hot tub therapy that is right for you. If you are under the care of a physician, you should speak with your doctor before deciding on the hot tub therapy right for you.