Information Security and Identity Theft

It is hard for some of us to fully comprehend just how easy it is for an adept identity thief to take on aspects of our private and financial lives. Many think of identity theft as part of an elaborate criminal scheme, complete with spying efforts. In reality, it is not that difficult as most of us provide potential thieves with everything they need to make their move.

Identity theft occurs when personal details are compromised and this can happen in many different ways.

Identity Theft Inside Jobs

Many identity thieves maintain regular employment and use their jobs as a means of gathering the kind of private data they will later use to commit their crimes. They may steal or copy individual records and financial data.

For instance, have you ever purchased a car and filled out a loan application. If so, cast your mind back to all of the intimate data you had to provide on that application form.

You probably had to provide individual details such as birth date, social security number, address, bank account details, previous addresses, third party references, employment history and the list goes on.

Now, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who has access to all of that info
  • Do you know them
  • Do you trust them
  • What is to stop them from misusing the data

It is a scary proposition, but right now there are probably several filing cabinets in several different places of business that house enough of your detailed data to allow for an easy theft of your personal identity

Is a disgruntled employee looking for a way to make some money. Is a night cleaning crew member interested in improving his or her standard of living at your expense.

You can never be too sure, and yet you are never too safe from identity thieves who work inside jobs.

Other Methods of Identity Theft

One doesn't need to be someone with whom you do business in order to get your information. There are a variety of other ways to steal your data. Consider this incomplete list of ways identity thieves may access your personal data:

  • They can steal your mail, which contains everything from new boxes of check blanks to your tax returns.
  • They may take a dirtier route and rummage through your garbage in order to find documentation that will aid their criminal endeavors.
  • They may use high tech equipment to capture important numeric data when you use an ATM.
  • They may use the phone or email to convince you to part with important details about yourself, by posing as someone else.
  • They may use a simple change of address card to divert your mail to another location just long enough to gather your private information.

And of course, they can always use the time tested method of stealing your wallet or handbag.

Identity Theft Articles

What is Identity Theft About
Someone taking credit for something we did is annoying but somebody deliberately stealing your identity and using it for profit is much more serious

How Identity Theft Works 
Conmen are usually very likeable people and sometimes they will work through an unwitting friend or relative that you trust absolutely

How to Check for Signs of Identity Theft
A common identity theft tactic is to intercept bank and credit card statements to delay your ability to see what is happening to your financial affairs

What to do After Identity Theft
If you have been the victim of identity theft, you should work out what your exposure might be and take steps to minimise that exposure to further losses

Identity Theft in the UK 
Cases of identity theft in the UK have grown at an alarming rate in recent years with far reaching effects taking months and even years to correct

Type of Identity Theft
After stealing your personal information the identity thief must then convert that information into a means by which he or she can profit

Why People Commit Identity Theft
Some criminals will prepare for the risk of being caught by the authorities for the likes of traffic violations by having someone else's identity ready

How Identity Theft is Committed
As much as we hate to think about it, there are unscrupulous people in our midst who are more than prepared to steal portions of your personal and financial identity in order to profit

Public Information About Identity
Your identity information is held in many places you do not control and those records can reveal a great deal more of your identity details

Passport Identity Theft
Your passport is an authoritative way to prove your identity and as such has become a prime target for the attention of identity thieves

Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft
We all know how important it is to protect our credit card information since misuse of credit cards is probably the biggest identity theft risk faced by most of us

Pre Approved Credit Card Offers and Identity Theft
Theft from mailboxes is not uncommon, and promotion invitations to take out a pre-approved credit card in your name are an obvious opportunity for identity thieves

Debit Card or ATM Card Identity Theft
The risk of identity theft with debit or ATM cards lies in their PIN number and there are several ways an identity thief can steal your PIN and access your bank account

Business Identity Theft
Businesses face similar financial identity theft risks to those we face as individuals, but the potential losses can be much larger on a commercial scale

Identity Theft in Business
Businesses are especially exposed to physical and data access code identity theft, especially in a busy workplace, where many people work

Identity Theft Phishing
So called phishing campaigns use official looking emails to request your confidential details, and have become more common and more credible looking in recent years

Online Identity Theft Protection
With millions of new online computer users each year, the opportunities for internet identity theft have increased exponentially

Learn Identity Theft Protection
Identity thieves have become so creative and talented that no truly perfect protection scheme can be a guaranteed success. However, there are steps you can take to minimize your chances of becoming a victim

How to Guard against Identity Theft
Making things as difficult as possible for identity thieves makes it much less likely that you will experience an identity theft problem

Identity Theft Protection Insurance
Falling victim to criminal identity theft, involves a lot of work, inconvenience and costs. Identity theft protection insurance can provide reimbursement of costs to folks that have fallen prey to a fraudster

Identity Theft Reporting
If you suspect that you have become an identity theft victim, the best decision you could ever make would be reporting the identity theft to the proper authorities

How to Report Identity Theft
If you were too late to prevent information misappropriation from leading to outright identity theft, immediately follow these four steps as recommended by government authorities

How to Report Stolen Credit Cards
Thieves know you will contact your bank to cancel stolen credit cards when you realise your card has gone missing. They are likely to work fast and so should you

What to do if your Checks are Stolen
If you believe you have lost your check book, or any individual blank checks, you should report this immediately to your bank, and put a stop on these checks

Check Credit Report for Identity Theft
It is a good idea to check your credit report occasionally if you think you may be exposed to the risk of identity theft.

Cross Cut Paper Shredders
Identity thieves cannot steal what they cannot read and to that end, the ideal way to dispose of any personal or private information is to shred it

Why You Need a Confetti Paper Shredder
Despite all the warnings about identity theft, people still put bank statements, credit card and other bills into rubbish bins or waste paper recycling collection sacks

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Buying Guide
With identity theft being among the fastest growing crimes, investing in a document shredder has become a necessity in order to protect others and ourselves against this very real menace

Paper Shredders for Office Use
In today’s world where identity theft is of increasing concern to businesses of all sizes, a paper shredder has become a must

Cross Cut CD Shredder
Just as we are all advised to shred paperwork and documents that contain personal details, so we should also use a cross cut CD shredder for the same reasons

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