Cross Cut CD Shredder - Why you need a CD Shredder

With the advent of computers, many experts proclaimed that the modern office would become a paperless environment where all documents would be stored on hard disks and other computer media. While this ideal has a long way to go, some businesses have either attempted to go paperless for environmental concerns or for the perceived added security or convenience.

However, many of these so called paperless offices have also put themselves under a false sense of security. They believe that with less information stored on paper and more advanced software and computer systems that they will somehow make themselves immune to identity theft.

The reality however is the complete opposite. Various studies have shown that paperless offices stand to risk much more than those with paper documents. The old saying of ‘too many eggs in one basket’ proves itself true in these environments due to the amount of data and information stored in one place, namely a computer disk or CD.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world today and the more advanced our offices and homes become in terms of security, the more adept identity thieves become as well.

Many businesses and individuals have started storing their personal financial and confidential information on computer disks and CD’s. However, if these are not discarded properly, they can be used against you just as easily as paper documents can.

Just as we are all advised to shred paperwork and documents that contain personal details, so we should also use a CD shredder for the same reasons. A CD shredder can destroy computer disks and Cd’s so that they cannot be read or the information on them used against you. Many newer paper shredders can also shred CD’s and computer disks, so there is no need to purchase a standalone CD shredder.

Just as with paper documents, many people simply discard CD’s and computer disks in the rubbish bin if they fail to function in their computer. They mistakenly believe that if the disk does not work on their computer, it is useless and nobody else will be able to retrieve the information either. This is a big mistake that has cost people and some businesses thousands of dollars and has done irreparable damage to their credit ratings.

Many identity thieves are very technologically aware and are able retrieve information from just about anything. In this day and age, the ultimate way to destroy a CD or computer disk is with a CD shredder.

The assumption among many people, albeit false, is that going paperless will save them from identity theft. However, nothing could be further from the truth as going paperless has only made the job of the identity thief easier with more information available to them.

With the help of a CD shredder, your chances of suffering identity theft will be greatly reduced and a small investment now could save you thousands later.

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