Confetti Paper Shredder
Why you need a Home Paper Shredder

In our high tech world of today, the fastest growing crime is that of identity theft. Although this may come as a surprise to the majority of people, the fact is that a large percentage of the population make it very easy for an identity thief.

Despite all the warnings from government departments and law enforcement agencies, people still put bank statements, credit card and other bills into their rubbish bins or wastepaper recycling collection sacks without giving a second thought to the consequences of doing so.

It does not take a genius to figure out that anybody getting hold of these type documents would have all of the details necessary to use your personal identity and gain access to your accounts. With this data they could purchase things, get cash from ATM machines and in worst cases, even take out loans and mortgages in your name.

The sad part is, especially for an identity theft victim, is that all of this could be avoided if people would simple buy a document shredder. After all, if it is unreadable it cannot be stolen. Therefore, one of the most important steps to take in identity theft protection is to properly dispose of all private documents and data so that it does not end up in the hands of an identity thief.

The best way to discard documents that contain your personal data such as account numbers, your name and address or other identifiable information is to shred them.

A document shredder can destroy documents so they cannot be reassembled and consequently read. Whenever a potential identity thief or dumpster diver as they are known in the US, realises that your household has one of these devices, they will probably leave you alone and move on to another target.

If you think you don't have money to invest in a paper shredder, you had better think again. In today’s world, one cannot manage to live without one. You have to ask yourself, how long you could get by if your banking and credit card accounts were suddenly cleaned out. Even if you already have insurance protection with respect to identity theft, it will still likely be several days before you would see any compensation.

You should also ask yourself, how long could you survive if all of your lines of credit were stopped. Whenever an identity criminal strikes it can take weeks and in some extreme cases even months before your credit is restored. Can you afford to wait this long and even if your could, would you really want to go through this. A document shedder could make the vast majority of these issues disappear.

While there is nothing that will make you completely immune from identity theft, there are many things that you can do to guard against yourself from becoming a victim. With a paper shredder, most identity thieves will leave you alone. Once your documents are of no use to them, they will look for another victim. With a document shredder, you could give yourself financial peace of mind and protect your financial future.

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