Identity Theft Reporting
What to do in case of Identity Theft

Although most people have not suffered from identity theft, the threat of becoming the next victim is as real for anyone of us, whether we are a past victim or not. In the modern world of computers, mobile phones and the internet, the ability of identity thieves to obtain our personal information that we all regularly send online has increased dramatically.

If you should ever become suspicious that you have become an identity theft victim or you know of somebody else that maybe in the same situation, the best decision you could ever make would be reporting the identity theft to the proper authorities.

Identity theft reporting is really not as difficult as it may seem. The first step is for you to be aware of the potential of identity theft happening to you as the loss of particular items or documents can place you at high risk. For instance, if you have lost your credit card, you should promptly report it to the bank or credit card company to prevent anyone from charging any expenses in your name.

If you have managed to lose documents which bear your Social Security number, you can call the relevant authorities so that your account can be placed on an initial fraud alert, which can last up to 90 days. This would prevent anybody from using your Social Security number for their own personal gain.

The loss of any other documents which bear your personal information should also be reported to the issuing agency or organization. These can include items such as your driver’s license or company personal identification card. Particular guidelines may vary from one organization to the other, but reporting the loss is immensely important.

In the majority of identity theft cases, most victims only become aware of the fact after it has actually happened. For instance, somebody who loses their credit card may not become aware of the loss until weeks later when their statement comes in and it shows illegal transactions on their credit card account.

Aside from sorting out the problem with the various banks and credit card companies, reporting identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission would also be a wise decision. They help in documenting identity theft cases which can aid in future legislation as well as to inform other people. Some websites over the Internet are also dedicated to the identity theft problem. This is why identity theft reporting is so important.

In the end, by reporting identity theft we are properly exercising our responsibility as citizens and hopefully aiding the effort towards the minimization, if not total eradication of identity theft cases.

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