Identity Theft Credit Repair
What to do after Identity Theft

If your identity has been stolen, your first step is to work out what your exposure might be and take steps to minimise your exposure to further losses. Depending on where the problem lies, your immediate action may entail, for example, one or all of the following:

Advise any specific parties you believe may also be victims in the identity theft fraud, which may include your bank, your credit card companies, your credit or loan organizations, leasing organizations, companies you do business with, utilities, etc. Be specific about your what your concerns may be, exactly what has happened or what you have noticed, and whatever detailed evidence you may have. Enlist their help. In most cases they will have much more experience than you of identity theft, and will have procedures in place that they will ask you to follow.

It is usually best to contest invoices for products or services you have not purchased, in spite of the threats you may receive for non-payment, and to open up communication channels with the businesses concerned about the fraud.

Advise the police if you suspect any criminal activity could be involved, and be prepared to provide them with whatever information they need.

Cancel and have your credit cards reissued if you suspect their security has been breached.

If you suspect access to your bank account has been violated, place a stop order on it to prevent further transactions until a new account or new passwords are in place.

If your check book has been stolen or gone missing, or there are missing checks in your book's sequence, place a stop on the unused checks.

Change your passwords and PIN numbers for internet banking, debit cards, etc. if you believe they may have been compromised.

If your other identification has been stolen - passport, driver's licence, business identification or passes, etc. - advise the issuers, and if necessary request replacements.

If your computer could have been interfered with, you should ensure it is scanned and cleared of any spyware, and that any passwords that may have been compromised are changed.

Check your mail delivery arrangements are normal, with no unauthorized redirection orders.

Open a file and keep detailed records of everything you find and your correspondence. Request full details in writing from people approaching you about money owed.

You may find it necessary to obtain the expert and experienced services of an identity theft lawyer to organize your response. If your legal position is in question, such as if you are being sued, bankruptcy proceedings have been lodged against you or you are being charged with a crime because of a theft of your identity, this step is, of course, strongly recommended.

Procedures are in place for you to lodge a fraud alert with credit reporting agencies in most countries, which will make it more difficult for an identity thief to exploit your identity.

There is sympathy for victims of identity theft, and if you approach the problem calmly and focus on the facts you will soon find a large team of others affected all working with you to solve the problems and to clear your name.

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