Paper Shredders for Office Use
Why you need an Office Shredder

Despite all of the claims of a few years ago that we would become a paperless society with the advent of computers, it would seem that we are generating even more paperwork than we ever did before PC’s came along. For anybody that works in an office or any type of business for that matter, you will be only too aware of the amount of paperwork that can build up over time. A lot of it really contains nothing important whereas other documents include vital and sometimes confidential information. However, what do you do with that paperwork once it has served its purpose and has no further use?

We are all encouraged, as individuals, to shred our old bank and credit card statements along with other bills. Anything that contains personal identifiable information should be destroyed in this way. In doing so, we are going a long way to protecting ourselves against the fastest growing crime of identity theft.

However, when it comes to business environments and the huge amounts of sensitive documents and private paperwork they contain, vulnerability to identity theft increases a hundred fold over the individual person. For instance, reports have suggested that US banks lose an estimated five hundred million dollars per year to identity thieves. The sad thing is that with a relatively small investment in a paper shredder, these losses could be dramatically reduced

Since businesses need to shred a lot more paper than a home user would, the shredder itself needs to be able to stand up to the added workload. As well as paper, offices may also need to destroy cardboard as well as computer disks and CD's. With the help of document shredders, the company greatly reduces its risk of suffering at the hands of an identity thief.

A shredder can destroy documents so they cannot be reassembled and read and if they cannot be read, information cannot be stolen. Even the best puzzle mastermind would find it virtually impossible to reassemble documents that have been cross-shredded.

Depending on the machine itself, there are three main types of cutting, which are high security cut, confetti cut or strip cut. These different cutting methods have a direct result in the size of the paper pieces after shredding.

Another advantage of paper shredders is that once the word is out that your particular business uses one of these machines, the likelihood of identity thieves returning drops dramatically. It is a waste of their time trying to get to your accounts or other classified documents, so they will simply move on to somewhere else where security is less tight.

In today’s world where identity theft is of increasing concern to businesses of all sizes, office shredders have become a must. Just imagine what would happen to your business if your accounts or other private paperwork got into the wrong hands. Identity theft is a very real and present danger and you need to do everything to protect yourself and your business from possible thieves. A paper shredder for office use will go a long way to providing that protection.

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