Hand Painted Wall Murals

Hand painted wall murals are more fashionable than ceiling or floor murals. Apart from the convenience that painting in an upright position offers, wall murals are more obvious and can be seen more easily. This is the reason why wall murals are used more frequently as a medium for sending political and social statements or for advertising and publicizing different products. They are more visible than other types of mural paintings.

In school, you might recall wall murals as part of art competitions during school fair celebrations. Mural painting contests, however, are not limited to school fairs. Some companies and government institutions likewise hold mural painting contests especially when publicizing a product or project. Wall murals are often seen on a vacant space with walls inside a company or government facility. These mural painting contests are held with a specific theme and are usually done by hand painting.

Nowadays, mural paintings can be created easily and instantaneously, unlike before, when works of art were methodically made by an artist. Various painting tools such as air sprays have contributed to the speedy or flashy mural art. However, hand painted wall murals are much better in terms of structure and technical aspects. The reason for this is that air spray cannot achieve the passionate and artistic strokes that only paint brushes can do.

The latest trend in wall designing is using poster papers. Poster papers or ready-made wall murals already have a painted image on it and are available in various sizes. All you need to do with wall murals is to apply a special solvent on its back and paste it onto the wall using a paint roller.

As long as there is room for advertising and art, hand painted wall murals will never cease from appearing on walls, ceiling or floor of establishments.